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Reading stories to your kids is one of the best bits of parenting, and it comes with the added benefit of helping to develop their literacy skills. Even when your children are really young and can’t really understand everything you’re saying, it’s still helping to develop their young minds.

It starts by learning something as simple as how to turn a page, the fact that you read from left to right and all those little things that you take for granted as an adult. Here, we look into the wide-ranging benefits of reading to your children before we talk about how easy it is to access a parenting course to help you in your efforts. 

A Bigger Vocabulary

A major benefit that comes with reading to your kids is that it helps them to develop a bigger, more extensive vocabulary. Studies show that when young children hear words and phrases out loud, they naturally absorb them, and when you read to them every day, they get exposed to new words every time you do. 

Greater Creativity & Imagination

What also benefits from being read to on a regular basis is a child’s imagination and creative ability. When reading, the words encourage the mind to create a visual image in mind, picturing how each character looks and forming the world they inhabit. In their young lives, they’ve not had many experiences, so stories help them until they do.

Improved Concentration

Something else you’ll learn when taking the Improve Your Child's Literacy Skills parenting course from OCA is that reading to them consistently helps them to develop their ability to concentrate and focus. It also helps them to learn how to sit still for long periods - something that will help them greatly when they get to school age.

Building Positive Habits

When you regularly read to your child, you’re practising great positive parenting, as you’re instilling some great behaviours that will last a lifetime. A child that’s read to is so much more likely to want to read themselves, and when that happens, their academic levels can’t help but go up too. 

Need Some Inspiration? Learn the Skills You Need Online

So, if you’re a parent or teacher and you’d like to improve your skills, you can do so conveniently and affordably with Online Courses Australia. We offer a wide range of parenting courses that deal with every aspect of child care, from child psychology to healthy eating for kids, and they can be taken at your own pace and paid for with easy-to-manage instalments.

If you’d like to know more about this or any of the online training we offer that spans a wide range of sectors and industries, just visit us online at Alternatively, if you’d like a chat with a member of our friendly team, you just need to call us on 1300 611 404, and we’ll be able to give you the advice you need.

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