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There's something of an epidemic in Australian schools, and it has nothing to do with Covid-19. This epidemic relates to the self-esteem of pupils, which was highlighted in the Feed Their Belief Report created by the manufacturers of Weet-Bix. According to their findings, there has been a 35% drop in the confidence of kids between Kindergarten and Year 12.

Why Is It Important For A Child To Have Confidence? 

Your parenting plan  should include monitoring how your child gets on at school, mainly as confidence levels play a big part in child development. Without it, children struggle with their school work and in making friends, meaning that lack of self-esteem can have a very real and adverse effect on how happy, sociable, and accomplished they feel.

So, How To Help My Child Have A Confident Personality? 

Now to the critical question - how to encourage self-esteem? Whether you're a teacher's aide  or a committed parent, it's vital that you instil an inner belief in your child that they have worth. So, let's dive in and see exactly what can be done to nurture their self-confidence.

Show Your Child How Unique They Are

Human beings are amazing and capable of truly remarkable feats of engineering, perseverance and bravery. It's something that most often gets overlooked, but if you can teach this to your child, they may start to realise that they're amazing too! There are many YouTube videos and free courses online about human history, so get a few queued up instead of watching another Dora video!

You can also add to this feeling by speaking with your child about what's amazing and unique about them, as it will further reinforce how special they really are. 

Talk About All Of Your Children's Strengths

Our next tip sits in the positive parenting  column, which involves regularly talking with your child about the things they're great at. An unconfident child with low esteem is typically going to focus on what they are NOT good at, leaving them feeling like they're good at nothing.

EVERY child has strengths, whether talking about kindness, drawing, or reading…it could be literally anything. Once they realise that everyone is good at something, they're much less likely to feel inadequate and unconfident about themselves as a person.

Teach Your Child It's Ok To Make A Mistake

One main reason why kids with low esteem are often shy and unwilling to engage in activities is the fear of getting something wrong and looking silly. As any good parenting course  will tell you, mistakes are opportunities to learn how to do what you tried better next time around.

Fear of failure exists in all of us. It's just that, as adults, most of us realise that failure is a part of life and a natural part of trying anything new. Teach your child this ethos, and they won't feel like the world is falling in on them whenever things don't go as planned.

Be A Positive, Confident Person Yourself

In many cases, children look to their parents for guidance, observing how things are done for pointers on how they should act themselves. That's why modelling confident behaviour yourself can be really helpful in teaching your kids how they should approach life.

Good behaviours are often learned by example in this way, so if you're someone who's got self-belief and confidence and acts that way in your everyday life, chances are, your child will be too.

Online Education Courses

The Easy Way to Develop Your Parenting Style

There's a lot involved with bringing up children, as any parent or teacher's aide  will tell you. The good news is that for those parenting areas in which you need development, there's OCA parenting course  training like our Parents Guide to Raising Children that's CPD Endorsed, video-based and modular, meaning that it's designed to cater for busy people!

You get an immersive learning experience with us, too, as you can see in our Student Study Demo, so you won't be poring over endless pages of text as you learn. Our next-level learning experience is what keeps our students coming back time again, particularly as every one of our courses comes with excellent support in the form of 1-to-1 mentoring and 24/7 tutorial assistance.

If you'd like to know more about our parenting courses  or, indeed, any of the training in our vast library that covers more than 20 industries, visit us today at There you'll see that our online study courses  are made accessible to more thanks to our flexible payment plans.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or misgivings about signing up with us, no problem! Just call our team on 1300 611 404, and our friendly advisors will be delighted to help. Failing that, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as quickly as is humanly possible!

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