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With around 46% of Australian youngsters choosing to skip university each year and start their careers early, there's a lot of competition in the workplace to contend with. As such, young entrepreneurs and professionals need to work hard on their personal development and leverage everything at their disposal to get ahead - such as the many digital platforms that now exist on the market. 

How Do Digital Platforms Help Businesses?

While most of the earliest apps for smartphones were entertainment-related, that's changed much in recent years. Now, there's a wealth of business-related apps to enjoy for both Android and iOS phones that help you connect to others more easily, as well as improve your organisation and even your personal fitness! 

What Are The Main Digital Platforms I Should Consider?

As online training in recruitment shows, there are a great many things you can do to make yourself stand out and develop your entrepreneurial skills. The following five apps offer much to any aspiring business person in a number of different ways. So, without further delay, let's take a look at the platforms you should be making use of. 

[Benefits: Visibility, Networking, News]

Our first digital platform is an oldie but goodie. What we mean by that is that LinkedIn is THE go-to social media site to use for ambitious professionals. Not only can it be used to find mentors, collaboration opportunities and inside industry news, but recruiters regularly scour the platform looking for talent, so once you create a profile - make sure it looks good! 

[Benefits: Rich Marketing Potential]

Take a Facebook Instagram ads marketing course, and it won't be long until the full potential of the biggest social media platform in existence becomes clear. Around 1.62bn people use the platform every day, so the marketing possibilities for young entrepreneurs are substantial. Most businesses sell a service or a product, so its appeal is wide and applicable to most industries. 

[Benefits: Most Gen Z & Millennials Hang Out Here]

If you want to know where most Gen Z (10 to 27-year-olds) hang out - it's Instagram. In fact, Gen X (27-40) isn't far behind either, which means this platform offers the biggest audiences from the entire younger generation. Whatever you have to market (even if it's yourself), this is the place to do it. Just make sure your photography skills are up to scratch! 

[Benefits: Free, Easy-to-use Invoicing]

Should you choose to take the self-employed route on your career journey, you will need some kind of invoicing setup that allows you to bill people for your products and services. That's where Zoho comes in rather handy, it's not only free to use but also simple enough for novices to quickly and easily put professional-looking invoices together.

[Benefits: Industry-Led, Cost-effective Learning]

Ok, so we might be biased on this one, but the online training we offer is the perfect resource for any modern Australian professional. Whether you need digital marketing course training or you're looking to learn how to be a makeup artist, the learning we offer is modular, meaning that you can approach your personal development at your own pace. 

Even just these five platforms of a wealth of all-around support that young professionals can use to get their careers on the right track. What's more, this is just a tiny selection of what's awaiting you on the internet. You just need to go looking! 

Supercharge Your Career With OCA Online Training 

We mean it when we talk about the value of the online training that we offer, as it's a complete world away from boring text-based courses that make learning a painful chore. Not only is our learning 

CPD-endorsed (adding appeal to your resume), but courses like those found in our Most Popular Course Bundles are also created in collaboration with experts from the 20+ industries that our library covers.

Our is a next-level learning experience, which you can get a closer look at by watching our Student Study Demo which shows what kind of support our students get. 1-to-1 mentoring is just one of the reasons why ours is viewed as the most immersive online education Australia can offer. It's something our students give us feedback on all of the time. 

If you'd like to find out more about what sets us head and shoulders above the rest, visit us today at There you'll even find a choice of flexible payment options that make our already cost-effective courses even more accessible. 

Alternatively, to speak to us about your personal learning needs, call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected]. The moment we receive your enquiry, we'll work hard to respond without delay.

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