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Become a Wedding Planner | For only $99

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  • Create memorable experiences for couples everywhere, with our wedding planning course. Getting married yourself? This course is the ultimate wedding checklist!  Do you dream about turning your wedding into the best ever extravaganza? Well, get started right now. 

    "I was a bit sceptical about using an online course I had only Googled, but they are fantastic ☺ I have just completed my course and it was amazing! Learnt a lot and whenever I needed help, it was always there for me. Never had any dramas and everyone is very friendly. Give it a go, it’s worth it!" - Felicity

    Learn how to source the perfect venue, how to set a date that works for most family members and how to avoid the nightmares that ruin many weddings. 

    You can create the perfect dream wedding even on a small budget when you know how. We make it easy for you to bring people to tears for all the right reasons. Discover how now.  

    This course could be the perfect engagement gift to a bride to be who is set on organising her special day or a family member keen on taking the reins.

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    Sample extract from our Become a Wedding Planner

    Weddings can be beautiful but from worries about weather to escalating costs and catering questions to flowers, dresses and photographers, there's a never ending 'to do' list. With this current, informative short course you will learn the fundamentals planning a wedding to help keep you on track (and from losing your mind). A little attention to detail and a lot of organised thinking will ensure you make it from here to your big day in one piece and without making too many mistakes. 

    This topic describes the skills and knowledge required to planning a wedding event and the procedures that will enable you to be well organised. Learn how to source the perfect venue, how to set a date that works for most family members, how to avoid the dramas that can ruin the day and create your perfect dream wedding even on a small budget.

    As you progress through this topic you will learn about different options open to a bride and groom when planning what kind of wedding they would like to have, the wedding dress, joint decision, organising catering, finding the best deal for hiring venues and equipment, liaising with musicians and much more. 

    There are three sections: 

    • Where Should You Start? 
    • Wedding Decisions 
    • Ideas, Hint and Tips

    If you would like to preview this Become a Wedding Planner course in more detail or find out how it can help you secure fitness jobs, click on DEMO above or call our team on 1300 611 404. You may also be interested in these online fitness courses - Freelance, Lifestyle and Leisure



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