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Hiring the wrong person is undesirable as a business owner, but it's not that big of a deal, right? Wrong! Take a course in effective recruitment online, and you'll soon discover that recruiting the wrong person is a big no-no. Getting the wrong person through the door costs you money and can affect productivity. As such, it should be avoided at all costs.

How Do You Calculate The Cost Of Bad Recruitment?

It isn't easy to put an exact dollar figure on each company, but the global numbers speak for themselves. According to a recent Gallup poll, $7.8 Trillion is lost each year due to poor engagement - the kind that often results from bad hiring. It's clear that it's never been more important to recruit right - something you'll hopefully learn something about by reading on.

What Are The Most Common Hiring Mistakes?

Whether you're hiring for a working-from-home role or an in-store sales position, the correct recruiting principles remain the same. So, come with us now as we look at some of the most common mistakes that hirers make, so you avoid making them yourself! 

  • Error - Not Preparing Properly

Engage in online learning for any business discipline, and prep is always going to be a focus. You really shouldn't be winging it, as it's simply too important to leave anything to chance. You should have clear, well-thought-out interview questions and a strategy in place to ensure you get the right person. 

You can't prepare too much for hiring interview questions - something you can find out about by reading our blog that looks at this aspect specifically.

  • Error - Not Discussing Your Recruitment With Your Team

Who in your business will know what each role requires in terms of skills and aptitude? That's right, the team you already have! Because of this, you are really missing a trick if you do not include them in the conversation. Of course, it's up to you who you hire, but their input can be particularly valuable in finding the right person.

You don't necessarily have to involve EVERYONE, as an appointed person to represent the team is usually enough. Just be sure that their opinions about what's needed are accounted for. 

  • Error - Recruiting Based On Interview Performance Alone 

If you're recruiting an experienced person or someone going for a career change, the chances are they're going to be quite good at interviews. While a good interview is clearly a positive for that candidate, you can't then base your hiring decision solely on that skill. 

You only really get to know a person properly once they start working, which is why a trial period can be particularly beneficial to the process. Just because their interview technique is strong, it doesn't always follow that they're strong in other areas. 

  • Error - Hiring Because You Like the Person (Even if there are red flags)

Occasionally, you instantly hit it off with a candidate - which is obviously a good start. However, even if you have a good feeling about someone, you can't allow that to influence your ultimate decision. You see when you experience hiring bias, it can cloud your judgment and make you gloss over things you'd otherwise see as a problem. 

Aspects like a gap in their work history or a lack of experience in a key area can easily be missed if you lean too much into the rapport side of things. Regardless of how much you get on with the candidate, assess them just like everyone else, or you risk getting an unsuitable person on board. 

Become A Successful Recruiter Online With An OCA Short Courses

Given its importance, you need to get your recruitment right. However, if you feel like you need support in this area, it's available, and it comes in the form of video-based CPD-Endorsed online learning that makes gaining new skills a cinch! Our courses, created in collaboration with top industry experts, offer an immersive and engaging experience transcending traditional text-based learning. 

We're often told by our students that we offer the best online education Australia has available, and that's because of the winning content and excellent support provided. Watch our Student Study Demo for a better idea of what we mean when talking about a next-level training experience.  

Alternatively, to see the full course library that covers over 20 different sectors. Visit us today at where you'll also find details of our flexible payment plans and 1-to-1 mentoring. Or, if you'd prefer to get in touch with us directly about your learning needs, simply call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected].

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