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Take a business management course  or two, and you'll already know how difficult a job it is to manage employees. Performance reviews, delegation and motivation represent just three of the aspects that you have to deal with daily. However, did you know about the value of constructive feedback and what an important skill it is to master?

What Is An Example Of Constructive Feedback? 

Sometimes, you have to provide negative feedback when it's needed, which can be tricky to do without leaving a negative feeling with the team member in question. For instance, if work they usually do on time is late, you could simply say "your work is late" as a statement. 

However, this is inherently negative, as you're stating a fact that can't be reasoned with. Instead, try something like, "You're always so productive, but I've noticed a drop-off in punctuality recently. Are you ok? Is everything ok?". This approach is considerate and shows you care.

What Are The 5 Steps When Framing Feedback Constructively?

Framing negative feedback positively is what we're trying to achieve at every turn, and for a good reason. According to a 2014 report by Zenger Folkman, 92% of employees stated that they welcomed criticism when it was framed constructively, and it helped them improve their performance. So let's take a look at the five primary steps involved in delivering bad feedback in a positive way.

  • Step #1 - Set The Scene With A 1-to-1 Coaching Session

You don't need to have taken all the online university courses Australia  has to offer to understand that the way you deliver bad feedback matters. It's all about setting the scene for a constructive conversation, so a regular coaching session would suit the task quite nicely. It's private, relaxed, and the kind of environment where you'd expect some feedback. 

Taking this approach is far better than saying, "I need to see you in my office about your performance", which, we think you'll agree, sounds quite scary!

  • Step #2 - Keep Your Tone Positive & Calm

A big factor in providing constructive feedback is the tone of your voice, so it needs to be pleasant and positive. It also needs to be clear and to the point so the team member understands why the issues need to be talked about. Only then can you address it constructively.

By focusing on having a growth mindset and seeing feedback as being totally normal and part of the personal development process, the right mood will be achieved.

  • Step #3 - Limit Your Constructive Feedback

While there may be many areas in which the team member in question needs to improve, that doesn't mean you should address them all at once. The best online courses  in team management show this can be overwhelming and leave the person wondering where to start.

It’s much better to deal with a maximum of 1-2 issues simultaneously, or you risk demotivating that person to the point where they can’t see the point in trying to improve.

  • Step #4 - Work On Finding A Solution Together           

When giving negative feedback, offering enough time to respond to and address the points you've raised is necessary. During this time, they may tell you about the challenges they've faced that have led to the problem arising in the first place.

Once you have all the facts, look for ways in which you, as a manager, can help them overcome these challenges. This will serve to make your employee feel cared about and much more committed to correcting the problem.

  • Step #5 - Don't Forget To Point Out Good Performance

Something that shouldn't be overlooked (but often is) by managers is the need to follow up and recognise when a team member has taken your feedback and actioned it. We're not talking about micromanaging here, as a simple "well done" or "good man!" will do.

Basically, you can't expect employees to care significantly about making positive changes and rectifying behaviours if you don't even acknowledge successful completion.

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