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Hiring people for your franchise or small business is a hugely important process that very much determines your likelihood of success. As the best online courses  in business tell us, you need to take the appropriate steps to ensure that your recruitment strategy is set up to attract the right people but also recognise them when they turn up for the interview.

What Is The Purpose Of The Interview Process For An Applicant? 

When carried out properly, interviews help you to learn what makes a person tick up close. Lots of people know how to make a resume  look good to potential employers, so it's important to your business to get things right. Why? Well, a bad hire can end up costing your up to 20% of that employee's salary, not to mention all the hassle and wasted time.

What Are The Best Questions To Ask A Job Applicant? 

The truth is, even if a candidate has passed all of the online university courses Australia  has to offer, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're a good fit for your company. So, to help you in this regard, we now look at seven questions you should make sure to get asked during interviews. Get your notepad and pen ready now as we look at some highly probing questions. 

Question #1 - "Do You Work Best In A Team Or Alone?"

Working as a team is essential for any role, but it shouldn't stop you from asking questions. Doing so will show you how suited they are to collaboration and the kind of roles they've been working in before. You'll also get a good idea of whether the candidate has the kind of initiative and proactive nature needed for personal development and progression.

Question #2 - "Why Do You Want to Work For Us?"

Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier for someone to research a company they're applying to for employment. By asking this question, you'll determine how active they've been in learning about your company and how keen they are to join you. Someone who's not really invested is more likely to have skipped this step, meaning it will help you filter out those who aren't serious. 

Question #3 - “What Strengths Would You Bring To The Role?"

There's always a chance that the interviewee in front of you blindly applied when they saw your job ad without properly considering whether they had the relevant skills. This is a searching question that will help you find out whether this is the case, as those who have prepared fully will have an answer ready and waiting - as it's quite common to get asked.

Question #4  - "How Could Your Current Employer Be More Successful?”

A great way to find out a) why they ACTUALLY want to leave their current job and b) whether they have a big-picture view of their work are to ask how their current employer could improve. It could be that they're over-qualified for the role they're applying for and might have trouble being given instructions to follow rather than doing things their way.

Question #5 - "Tell Me About A Time When You Resolved A Conflict at Work"

As online training  in business management teaches us, conflict resolution is an important skill to possess for any professional. Asking a candidate to recount an occasion when they resolved a difference at work will give you a lot of insight into that person's demeanour and ability to work with others. It will also give you pointers on how they'd react when a customer complains.

Question #6 - "Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?"

People leave jobs for all manner of reasons that, include a lack of progression, management issues or even work differences. Turning this particular stone over will show you what matters to the candidate, as well as help you determine if they'll have the same issues working for you. Unrealistic expectations can make their introduction into your team very rocky, so watch out for it!

Question #7 - "How Would Your Current Boss Describe You?"

Asking this question will do a couple of things. Firstly, it will show you how the interviewee sees themself as a professional, as well as what kind of relationship they have with their current boss. Are they efficient, proactive, and dedicated, or lazy and hard to motivate? Of course, candidates aren't likely to put themselves down, but what they do say may give you exactly the insight you need. 

Get Your Recruitment Right With OCA Online Training     

It's so important to get your hiring right as a business owner, but don't stress if you feel that your abilities in this area aren't where you want them to be. That's because, at OCA, we offer CPD online education courses that make learning new skills a cinch. Video-based and modular courses like those found in our Franchise Recruitment Skills Bundle offer a next-level learning experience.

You only have to take a look at our Student Study Demo to see what we mean by 'next-level', as what we offer is a world away from traditional text-based learning. What's more, our students get full support throughout their learning journey thanks to 1-to-1 mentoring and 24/7 tutorial assistance. Find out about this and our flexible payment options by visiting us today at

Alternatively, to speak to us directly about the online training you need, give us a call at 1300 611 404 or drop us a line at [email protected], and we'll get back to you without delay.

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