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While you might think that arranging your wedding invitations is quite a minor task amongst the many you have to take care of when planning the big day, the truth is quite different. As events and hospitality courses show, the devil is in the detail, with many prospective couples underestimating what’s involved in getting it done right.

How Is A Wedding Website Different From A Wedding Invitation?  

A wedding website is most often used to complement your wedding invitations, with the link usually featured on the actual invite that’s sent out. It helps to ensure that no one forgets the date and that there’s a place to go and find the relevant info if their invite should get lost at any point. 

What Is The Future Of Physical Wedding Invitations? 

Despite so much being digital these days, there's something to be said for sending something physical out in the mail - the old-fashioned way (as some see it). What's more, many see invitations as a memento of the occasion or a keepsake, so it would seem that traditional invitations still have their place in the modern wedding sphere.

What You Need To Consider When Creating Wedding Invites 

As you’ll learn when taking hospitality and event management courses, there are a number of decisions and considerations that you’ll need to make when deciding on your wedding invitations. Let’s take a look some of the most important ones now.

  • The Invitation Design - the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a design for your wedding invitations, but you shouldn’t leave the decision too late. The best creators of this kind of invitation might take a week or two to deliver your invites in your chosen style and colouring, so start the process early, and any hiccups won’t turn into a crisis.
  • Does the design match the wedding theme? - as a bride or groom, you want every element of the wedding to align beautifully, so the style of your invites needs to match. Be sure to remember this fact when you’re thinking of invitation styles or you might find yourself having to rethink things further down the road.
  • Invites are normally sent out 12 weeks before - people have lives to live, so if you want the maximum amount of guests at your wedding, you need to get those invites out in good time. Typically speaking, you’ll need to send them out at least 12 weeks before the big day so that people can arrange the necessary holiday and organise travel to the event.
  • When do RSVPs need to be in? - you'll have an idea of the number of guests for your wedding - something that you'll be able to confirm when your RSVPs come back to you. That said, you do need to set a deadline to get those RSVPs in, which is usually at least 4 weeks before the wedding day itself. 
  • Remember to budget for postage - when allotting the correct budget for your invitations, you should be sure to remember postage. At the time of writing, a stamp in Australia costs $1.20, which can really add up if you have 200 guests coming and you can't avoid sending them out. Include it in your considerations, and you'll have no such problems.

When taking events and hospitality courses, you get to see just how much thought needs to go into your wedding if you want it to be a day to remember. We’ve just touched up a single aspect of a modern wedding, and there are many more that need your attention. Don’t worry, though, as, with the proper preparation, there's nothing that can't be achieved. 

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