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There’s a reason why customer support training courses are so popular in the professional world, and that’s primarily because it matters - a lot! Nowhere is this more applicable than in the hospitality industry, where it’s so crucial and game-changing that it really wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it means everything.

In this blog we look at why that is, covering the effect it can have on customer perception of your business, as well as your ongoing reputation. We’ll conclude matters by showing you how you can improve your or your staff’s skills in this area with an OCA customer service skills short course, but let’s first examine why customer service should be a hospitality professional's primary concern.

Poor Customer Service Will Ultimately Lead to Failure

As customer service management course training illustrates, any company operating in the hospitality industry needs to focus heavily on customer service because a good standard is what modern guests expect. In fact, it’s the least customers expect, making them feel like their custom is valued and that you’d go the extra mile for them if necessary.

So, if you’re not offering it, they’ll ultimately vote with their feet and choose a competitor that will the next time they need accommodation. Customers know how many choices they have, and when you don’t take the effort that great customer service takes, it stands out a mile, and it will seem like you either don’t appreciate them staying with you or you’re simply not professional.

In both senses, it’s not what you want! 

Bad Service Gets Talked About More Than Good Service 

Customer support-focused short courses online teach you the value of word of mouth, with good service being mentioned to friends, colleagues and family alike. However, did you know that bad service is talked about far more than good service? About twice as much, so word of your poor performance will get around quite quickly if it's an ongoing problem.

Thanks to the internet, reviews can be left instantaneously via the smartphones that everyone carries, meaning that anyone finding you online will likely be put off from trying your services if they’re present with lousy feedback. Any hotel or other hospitality venue that doesn’t place sufficient focus on customer service is very much set itself up for failure. 

Take a Customer Service Skills Course  & Boost Your Rep!

So, if you’re looking for ways to enhance your venue’s reputation or improve your skills as a hospitality professional, by far the easiest and most mentally stimulating way to do so is by taking video-based, CPD-approved customer support courses  from OCA like our Advanced Customer Service course that can be taken at your own pace and even be paid for in manageable instalments. 

You’ll be fully supported during your learning journey, too, with all of our courses coming with one-to-one mentoring, helping guide you when needed. You also get live chat support 24/7, so even if you’re burning the midnight oil and studying late, you can still get help if you get stuck.

To find out more about this or any of the training we offer covering more than 20 different professional sectors, you should take a moment to visit us today at Alternatively, we'll be happy to assist if you’d like to speak to us directly about your training needs. Get in touch by calling us on 1300 611 404, and we’ll do our utmost to guide you to your ideal solution.

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