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What is an events manager? As hospitality and event management courses show us, they’re professionals responsible for organising and coordinating special occasions like weddings, conventions, festivals and exhibitions, ensuring that they go smoothly from start to finish. The truth is that to be a success in the role; you need to be a specific type of person.

That’s what we examine here for anyone who’s thinking of becoming a professional in this sphere, as we cover 5 of the most essential abilities you’ll need to possess. We’ll finish by showing you how events and hospitality courses  from OCA represent the most engaging way to get the knowledge you need for the positions, but let’s first get stuck in.

Skill #1 - Great Communication & People Skills

Take some short online courses on event management, and you’ll soon find that the role requires you to liaise with many different people, from suppliers to customers. You’ll need to be a strong communicator and have excellent people skills, too, as you may need to occasionally gently finesse those you work with to get everything done in a time when they otherwise wouldn’t.

Skill #2 - Excellent Event Organisation 

Obviously, as an organiser, you’ll need excellent organisational skills, including knowing how to properly prioritise your tasks. Your time is very precious, as hospitality courses in Australia teach us, so it’s vital that you use it wisely, or you could find that your event doesn’t quite go as planned.

Skill #3 - A Good Head For Sales Figures  

Another essential ability for event managers to have is a good grasp of figures and budgeting. You’ll often need to work out affordability on the fly, and your clients will expect you to keep their costs in line with their allotted budget. So, knowledge of elements like forecasts and costs is necessary, and your mental arithmetic needs to be on point. 

Skill #4 - Attention To Detail

Hospitality and event management courses  tend to focus a lot on the finer details for a reason, as they can have a huge bearing on the success you enjoy. Being able to spot minor problems before they become bigger ones can literally be the difference between a great event and a poor one. What’s more, your reputation’s riding on it, so recognising issues early is key.

Skill #5 - An Affinity With Technology

Avoiding the use of technology that’s there to make you more efficient in the role of an event manager is only going to put you at a disadvantage, so you can’t really ignore it. There’s software available that will make you better at your job and allow you to avoid those little mistakes that make a difference. Also, you can bet your life that your competitors are using it.  

Train For The Role With OCA Events And Hospitality Courses   

The role of events manager is a challenging one, for sure, but it can also be highly rewarding. So, suppose you feel that you’ve got what it takes. In that case, the good news is that you can get the training you need conveniently and affordably, thanks to OCA, that are video-based for a wholly immersive and enjoyable learning experience.

What also sets our online training apart from the rest is that it’s CPD-approved and can be taken at your own pace. So to find out more, simply visit us today at, where you’ll also find our flexible payment options and details of how our courses come with one-on-one mentor support and live chat, 7 days a week.

Alternatively, if you’d like to chat with one of our education support workers about our hospitality and event management short courses or anything else, call us at 1300 611 404, and we’ll be delighted to give you the information you need.

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