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If you’ve ever thought about working with children, you’re likely to have considered your suitability to some kind of role in a school or other teaching establishment. Whilst this is a very logical way to think, you should be wondering about the wide variety of jobs involving children, as it might surprise you that jobs with kids aren’t just in the classroom.

In this blog, we examine the true nature of the possibilities for those wanting to work with kids in various spheres. What we cover here could transform your whole perspective on what your future child-oriented career might entail.

Working With Children Comes In Many Forms

Of course, the first job you think of when looking to work with kids is that of the school teacher or the teaching assistant. However, the roles that are open to you are much more extensive than those found in schools and can be found across various industries.

The Possibilities Include:

  • Education support worker - providing support for children out in the community
  • Language/speech therapist - to assist children in their speech development
  • Child psychologist - helping kids deal with mental and behavioural problems
  • Pediatric nutritionist - ensuring children get everything they need in their diets
  • Pediatric nurse - providing medical advice and treatment to parents

This is just a small selection of the many types of professions that involve working with children on a daily basis, and there are many more. So, in addition to deciding that you want to work with kids, you have to also think about how you want to work with them.

This can be dictated by your own particular characteristics and talents, as each job requires a specific set of skills and personal attributes. So, perhaps an important thing to consider is what setting you’d like to work in, such as being a child photographer or a nanny.

It could be that you should focus on working with children and families courses to include all the different aspects of your chosen field. All the jobs we mentioned have children as the common denominator, but they all offer a very different working day.

Want To Get Your Online Childcare Training Off To A Great Start?

Ok, so there’s plenty to think about, but if you’re still undecided about what field to work in, don’t worry, as there’s plenty of time to decide. Getting started, however, is much easier as multiple Childcare Courses are available from Online Courses Australia and can be taken at a time that suits you and your obligations. 

In fact, at OCA, we offer a range of online courses for anyone thinking of getting into working with kids at any stage of their professional journey. Moreover, our courses can be paid for in flexible instalments and come with tutor support, so you can rest assured that help is there when you need it most.

So, if you fancy getting your career off to a flyer, why not come and see what we offer by visiting us online at Or how about giving us a call to answer any questions you might have before enrolment? You can speak to a friendly team member by calling us on 1300 611 404; they’re ready and waiting to show you how simple and effective online training can be.

Thanks for reading. We hope our blog has illustrated that working with kids can come in many shapes and forms. For more information on how to become an education support worker, enquire today! 

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