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As a childcare professional, you're entrusted with an awesome responsibility to provide a nurturing environment in which to let the kids you look after grow and develop. As well as using all those important skills learnt in childcare, it’s also vital that you pay close attention to the safety element of the role. 

The last thing you want is for a child in your care to become injured or ill, so whether working as a school administrator, teacher or teacher's aide, the principal is the same. That's what we examine more closely here, which we’ll follow with information about how online childcare courses  from OCA represent the best and most convenient way to learn to work in the sector. 

Keeping Your First Aid Training Up To Date

As education-based short courses online  show, being first aid trained is essential, just in case something happens. Kids have a habit of finding trouble, so you need to be prepared, and it's training that needs to be regularly updated, too, as best practices evolve, making some life-saving techniques outdated over time.

Ensuring Surfaces, Hands & Utensils Sanitised

Covid-19 brought the need for controlling bacteria and infection into close focus, but the requirement to keep surfaces clean and free of germs has long been known. Keeping utensils, surfaces and little hands clean is vital, especially before they eat, as failure to do so can lead to avoidable sickness. 

First Aid Kits Need To Be Maintained 

When taking online childcare courses, you'll discover that first aid kits are an essential part of a school or daycare centre's inventory. You don't want to go to it when you need it the most and find that parts are missing or out of date, so keeping it maintained and well-stocked is an essential job you need to keep on top of. 

Run A Clutter-Free Environment Whenever Possible

Online childcare courses show the value of teaching kids how to be tidy, but this goes beyond instilling good habits. A cluttered environment is naturally more hazardous, as trips are more likely, meaning more bumps, bruises or worse. Keep your area clean and obstacle-free to avoid the problem.

Whether indoors or out, young children should never be left unsupervised. Turn your back for a moment, and kids who love rough play can start bothering others, with disagreements possibly getting out of hand. Playgrounds can be dangerous places if they're allowed to be, so keep your eyes peeled!

Be the Best Childcare Professional You Can Be With OCA!

Being a successful childcare professional takes a lot of skill, patience and knowledge. Still, the good news is that anyone wanting to become an educator can develop their expertise conveniently, affordably and on their own terms thanks to childcare courses  like those found in our Childcare Course Bundle that represents incredible value.

You can find out more about how all the training we offer at OCA is CPD-approved and video-based for an immersive learning experience by visiting us today at There you'll also see that we allow our students to pay in manageable instalments, making our training even more accessible to ambitious professionals. 

Alternatively, if you'd like to know more about anything discussed here, we're more than happy to help. Call us at 1300 611 404, and we'll give you all the help you require.

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