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There are many meaningful relationships that children rely upon for an excellent education. Perhaps the most important one is the teacher, teacher's aide & parent-team relationship. Studies have shown that positive communication between teachers and parents improves academic achievement and emotional well-being.

But how do you go about fostering parent-teacher communication and student success? Well, that’s what we take a brief look at here as we analyse the importance of the role of parents and teachers in a child’s education.

Parent Surveys Can Really Help

A great way to start with parents is by creating a survey and sending it home to parents a week or two after the term begins. Rather than it being just about personal details, it should ask some more personal questions, like how their child was a baby or what he or she likes to do in their spare time.

This can help you get to know the child, of course, but it also shows that you care about them as little people rather than just another student. It can do much to establish an effective teacher & parent team.

Send Home Lots of Good News About Their Children

Any parent will tell you that they love hearing good things about their child. There’s plenty of negative communication that gets sent out already, so it’s important to send out lots of good news about their child’s achievements and what they’ve been up to at school.

Too much negativity sent back from school can harm that parent-teacher relationship over time, so make sure that it’s not all bad news.

Be Proactive in Establishing an ‘open door’ Policy

Sometimes busy parents can be reluctant to volunteer their time to come in and speak to you about their children, which can be combated by taking every advantage you can to get them in. This could be as part of a ‘recognition of student achievement evening with pizza and soft drinks or by inviting them in to observe your teaching.

The more time teachers can spend in the company of parents, the better the relationship should be, and it’s the children that will ultimately benefit.

School Age Care Certificate - for Ambitious Professionals

The relationship between parents and teachers is such an important one, and it’s something that can positively impact their academic success. Put some time and effort into establishing these bonds early on, which can benefit children throughout their time with you.

If you have designs for a career in school-age care, then at Online Course Australia, we have a wide range of online training that can help you to get there. Our before and after school care courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and the skills needed to guide children between the ages of 5 and 12.

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