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The life of small business owners across Australia is challenging, with so much to cope with. Around 75,000 startups in Australia fail in the first year, meaning that entrepreneurs like these are under huge pressure to succeed...seemingly against the odds. It’s for this reason that many choose to take an entrepreneurship course online to boost their abilities.

Online business courses like these are becoming increasingly popular for professional development. So, if you already have your own business or you’re thinking of launching one, we’re here to talk about the benefits of online learning as it relates to the world of entrepreneurism.

Benefit: Flexibility & Convenience

When choosing to upskill via a Business Retail & Entrepreneurship Courses with OCA, you get to choose when and where you learn - something that’s of great benefit to busy people. Unlike a bachelor’s degree that has a set schedule, online entrepreneurship courses let you get your learning in when you have a spare moment with just a phone and an internet connection needed.

Being modular, our online learning can be consumed during your lunch hour or on the commute to work in the morning. The flexibility and convenience on offer really can’t be beaten.

Benefit: Access to Expertise & Industry Insight

Another advantage of online courses like our Entrepreneurship Skills Course is the access they give you to the kind of industry insight you need. Every single OCA student taking an entrepreneurship course online gets their own personal 1-to-1 expert mentor. This mentor is an expert in their field, having worked in it for many years.

The insight they offer is invaluable, and they can steer your right at the most important times. They’ve experienced all the pitfalls and challenges, so they can see what you can’t.

Benefit: A Comprehensive Curriculum

Our entrepreneurship course online options are created in collaboration with experienced experts from the industry - so everything taught is always super relevant and in demand. A wide range of topics makes up a comprehensive curriculum that can benefit learners to acquire a diverse skill set at their own pace and become better entrepreneurs and business owners.

Whether learning about digital marketing, SEO, or trending business models, our course materials are put together by expert course creators. There’s literally no better online education around.

Benefit: Networking Opportunities

While it might seem otherwise, an entrepreneurship course online can help you network just as much as in-person training or on social media sites like LinkedIn. Online courses facilitate networking with fellow entrepreneurs and offer a great deal of potential for partnerships and collaboration.

E-learning with OCA can also offer you industry contacts via your expert mentor, opening doors that otherwise would be closed to you. They say that it’s not what you know, but who you know...well, in this case, it’s both!

Benefit: Cost-Effectiveness

Another benefit of gaining new skills in this way is the way it doesn’t eat nearly as much into your learning budget. Other types of learning require you to pay high tuition fees upfront, whereas with OCA, not only are the costs lower, but you can also spread the cost out with one of a selection of flexible payment options.

As a new business owner, you have enough hands taking money from your various budgets, but by opting for an entrepreneurship course online with us, you get to keep much more of your money firmly in your pocket.

Benefit: Ease of Information Retention

When you’re tired because of all the hard work you’re doing, the last thing you want is to have to engage with unappealing, boring text. However, that’s not what you get with an OCA entrepreneurship course online. Instead, you get mentally stimulating video modules that feed the information to you in a way that you’re much more likely to retain.

We’ve put a great deal of effort into creating course content that transcends what other providers offer. Moreover, our platform encourages lifelong learning, with our AI-powered software recommending further learning materials to consider.

Improve Your Skills With an OCA Entrepreneurship Course Online

So, if you want to enhance your business skills, there’s no better way than enrolling in a CPD-endorsed, video-based entrepreneurship course online. Allowing you to learn in your own time at a pace that suits you, the learning options we offer deliver a next-level experience that can literally mean the difference between a successful business and one that fails.

Watch our Student Study Demo, and you’ll see that not only does every OCA student get their own personal expert mentor, but also a platform that encourages you to learn, as well as our new job portal that makes applying your skills in a new role that much easier. Visit us today at, and you’ll find this and much more besides.

Alternatively, if you need to speak to us prior to enrolment, just call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected]. The moment we hear from you, we’ll work hard to give you the answers you’re seeking.

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