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Launching a Business? Here’s Your Starting Business Checklist

If you’re thinking of launching a startup business in the near future, you’ll probably not need us to tell you that there’s a lot of T’s that need to be crossed and I’s that need to be dotted. No matter what industry you’re entering, the principles tend to remain the same - if you’re prepared for everything - nothing will surprise you.

So, with this in mind, we now take you through our brief, but effective starting business checklist, so that you’re better able to ensure that nothing gets missed. You might think you’ve got the main points covered, but everyone can miss things, so it’s definitely worth double-checking you’ve thought everything through.

Check 1 - Is Your Business Idea Viable?
As you’ll learn on our starting a business online course, your idea might seem like a good one, but does it make business sense? Is there a demand for your product? Is there enough margin to make a profit? All important questions that need to be addressed.

Check 2 - Have You Registered Your Domain Name?
Another point usually covered on a how to start a business online course is the need to register your online presence. Modern companies can’t afford to not have a website and you don’t want to find that your name has already been taken!

Check 3 - Do You Have the Licences You Need?
If you’re starting your business in a regulated field, you’re probably going to need to apply for licences to be able to offer your services. Get this done nice and early or you could find your launch delayed until you do.

Check 4 - Have You Got a Business Bank Account?
In order to be paid for your services, it’s necessary to have a dedicated business bank account and it too takes time to set up, so make sure you don’t forget this important step.

Check 5 - Got Your Insurance Sorted?
The last thing we look at is business insurance, which again is something vital to any business operating in Australia. Things don’t always go to plan and if something you did caused someone else harm, you could become financially liable, so it’s crucial to be covered.

Of course, there’s lots more to starting a business than we can go into here, which is why you need a full course to cover every aspect of what’s required. The good news is that at OCA, our comprehensive online training gives you all you need to know at a great price. 

Get Your Business Started Without a Hitch
Our How to Start a Business Certificate is the ideal way to ensure that your business gets launched without any glaring omissions. It’s best to be thorough in these kinds of things and it’s why ours is one of the best courses to do before starting a business . Just ask anyone who’s ever taken it and they’ll tell you that’s the case. 

If you’d like to know more about anything discussed here or the entire range of courses we offer at OCA, you can find what you’re looking for by visiting us at If you need any assistance once you’ve found your ideal course, simply give us a call on 1300 611 404 and we’ll give you what you need to know.

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