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The role of a virtual assistant is a relatively new one in the professional world, but it’s one that offers a lot in terms of pay and job satisfaction. Allowing you to work from home, with everything being carried out online, offers great flexibility, too; however, if you’re thinking of getting into the profession yourself, you’ll need a certain set of soft skills. 

What are Soft skills? They’re those transferable abilities that all professions need to some degree. So, the question is, do you possess them? If you’re not sure, we’re now going to talk you through a few of the most important things before we tell you all about the online learning options you can use to get the knowledge you'll need when doing the job. 

Virtual Assistant Soft Skill #1: Attention to Detail

The first soft skill you’ll need is great attention to detail, as virtual assistant needs to be meticulous in everything they do for their clients. Reports, messages taken over the phone and appointment times are just three elements that could cause issues if they were taken down incorrectly, so an eye for those small details is a definite bonus.

Virtual Assistant Soft Skill #2: Active Listening 

Closely related to attention to detail is the art of active listening. When you’re discussing your client's requirements, you need to listen properly to be able to address any gaps in your understanding or a problem you can see about their plans. Coming back later with incorrectly completed work later won’t look good, but it can be easily avoided by focusing completely on what you’re being told.

Virtual Assistant Soft Skill #3: Relationship Building

In order to be a successful virtual assistant with as many clients as possible, being able to build rapport and long-standing relationships is key. You don’t necessarily have to be super-outgoing and gregarious, however, rather just have the kind of personality that’s able to break the ice and make the kind of connections that result in attracting new customers and retaining them. 

Virtual Assistant Soft Skill #4: Good Time Management 

In this role, you’re very likely to be juggling multiple tasks at the same time. Plus, you’re probably going to be responsible for not just your schedule, but that of your clients, too, so good time management is something of a prerequisite.

Virtual Assistant Soft Skill #5: An Affinity With Technology

It perhaps goes without saying, but it’s vital that you have a real affinity with technology and an ability to adapt to a variety of different software platforms. You may have clients that prefer to work on separate systems, so you’ll need to be, at the very least, conversant with all of them. It’s an essential part of the job for any virtual assistant.

Enhance Your Skills With Flexible Online Training From Online Courses Australia

There’s a wide range of proficiencies that you’ll need to master in this role, but preparing yourself for this kind of self-employed work has never been simpler and more convenient thanks to online training like our Business Retail Entrepreneurship course that can be taken at your own pace and easily arranged around your current responsibilities.  

If you’d like to know more about this or any of our industry-approved online training, come and visit us today at Alternatively, should you have any questions you’d like answered prior to enrolment, we’d be happy to help. Just call us today on 1300 611 404 and we’ll do our utmost to assist. 

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