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The smokey-eyed look is wonderfully classic, offering a timeless image that draws attention to anyone lucky enough to wear it. It's something that can be learnt in beauty courses, sure, but to save you some time, we'll show you how it's done. But first, some general tips. But how does one achieve this? Perhaps studying an online makeup course in Australia may be your answer! 

What Is Your Best Makeup Advice For A Beginner?

The best advice we can give for any starting out on their makeup artist career journey is to be prepared - at all times. That means taking makeup courses on the latest techniques and ensuring that your kit is always maintained and ready for action. What is it they say? Fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail. Wise words, indeed. Online makeup courses in Australia are becoming incredibly popular! 

What Is The Point Of Using Eyeshadow?  

What we're looking at here is centred around the eyes, but what's the actual point of eyeshadow? Well, it’s to draw attention to the area and provide balance and shape to the face. Used correctly, it can genuinely make your eyes and the rest of your face POP!

Smokey Eyes In Just 5 Simple Steps!

So, here we are with our 5 easy steps to getting those gorgeous smokey eyes. This guidance should allow you to achieve the look, no matter whether you’ve engaged in online training  in makeup or not. Let’s waste no more time in getting started! 

  • Step #1 - Applying Your Eyeshadow Primer

As makeup courses  show us, your eyeshadow primer is what your look is going to be built upon. You're drawing focus to the eyes, and your eyeshadow primer is what will make sure everything stays where it’s supposed to be. Simply apply it evenly using a brush or finger.

  • Step #2 - Working Those Lashes!

Next, we'll be ‘tightening’, which intensifies the look of your lashes and fills in any areas that look sparse with your eyeliner. This again places more focus on the eyes, making them stand out, which will increase once you’ve completed your upper and lower lash contours.

  • Step #3 - Eyeshadow Application

You’re taught in beauty-related short courses online that eyeshadow can be impactful, which bears out here. Next, we apply a light-coloured product to the brow bone and the upper lid, finishing up by blending it toward the temples. Next, we'll use a darker eyeshadow toward the eye's outer corner to the lower lid line.

  • Step #4 - Eyeshadow Application Part Two           

We now switch to eyeshadow with a medium colour applied to the eye crease to form a gradient between the light and dark eye shadow colours already applied. Then add a few highlights to the upper brow area, moving to the eye's inner corners, ideally with a shimmer-coloured eye shadow.

  • Step #5 - Finish Your Look With Mascara    

So now, we finish by adding some touches with your trusty eyeliner pencil to add extra depth to the look. Then, once you’ve applied mascara, you should have the gloriously seductive smoky look you’ve been aiming for!

Develop Your Beauty Skill Set With Makeup Courses  from OCA

This is just one of many unique looks you'll get to create when you become a professional makeup artist. Beauty courses from OCA represent the cost-effective, convenient way to get there. Our courses are developed alongside award-winning makeup artists working in the field. Each hour completed counts for 1 CPD point; it's the savvy route for any ambitious student to take. Online makeup courses Australia are becoming incredibly popular.

So, if you'd like to include some high-quality video-based learning in your personal development plan, you can find out more about what we offer by visiting us today at While you’re there, why not take a look at our easy payment options that make your training even more affordable and accessible than ever?

Alternatively, to speak to us directly about your learning needs, just give us a call at 1300 611 404, and we’ll be more than happy to find the ideal course for you! 

Study An Online Makeup Course With OCA!


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