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Certificate III in Education (Teacher's Aide) CHC30213

The Certificate III in Education Support (Teacher's Aide) provides the training and skills to support teachers and other professionals within an educational environment. This nationally accredited course is perfect for those looking to take their first step in their career in the education sector.

The Certificate III in Education Support (Teacher's Aide) Course equips you with the skills to communicate with teachers, work in an education team and lead students; while complying with legislative policy and WHS processes in an education environment.


Career Prospects

  • Student Support Officer
  • Teacher Support Officer
  • School Registrar Assistant
  • School Marketing Assistant
  • Events Management Assistant
  • Publicity Assistant
  • Issues Management Assistant
  • Financial Matters Assistant
  • Headmaster's Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Call Centre Operator
  • Disability Support Officer
  • Learning Materials Facilitator
  • Technology Assistant

Course Delivery

This course is delivered 100% online, supported by a 100 hour work placement. Upon enrolment, student are issued with a login and password, providing access to OCA's e-learning centre.


For a full demo of the OCA student experience from enrolment to graduation Click Here.

Recognition and Accreditation

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a nationally accredited Certificate III in Education (Teacher's Aide) CHC30213.


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Please note:

This qualification is brand new!


The new Education Support qualifications require that students are assessed in the workplace. This means, if you are not already working in the industry, the completion of a work placement. This involves 100 hours of working on a volunteer basis in an education setting. Work placement offers you the opportunity to practice the skills you have been learning in theory and gain practical experience in a real-life setting.

Units of Study

There are 17 units
Click here for more details

Compulsory Units


Comply with legislative, policy and industrial requirements in the education environment.


Assist implementation of planned educational programs.


Support behaviour of children and young people.


Work effectively with students and colleagues.


Contribute to student education in all developmental domains.


Contribute to the organisation and management of classroom or centre.


Support the development of literacy and oral language skills.


Support the development of numeracy skills.


Contribute to health and safety of students


Support students with additional needs in the classroom environment


Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers


Work effectively with Aborginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people


Elective Units


Comply with school administrative requirements.


Search and assess online information.


Set up and sustain individual and small group learning areas


Identify and respond to children and young people at risk.


Make a presentation.



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How long will this course take to complete?

Total nominal hours: 620 hours | Full-time load: 25 hrs/wk; 25 weeks full-time | Part-time load: 12 hrs/wk; 52 weeks part-time
Maximum 18 months access to this online course (approximately 32-40 hours to complete each unit). This does not include the 100 work placement.


The length of time it takes you to complete this course depends on how much time you can invest each week, so if you spend more than 12 hours per week on the course you will finish sooner.


Is this a centrelink approved course?

Yes. This is a nationally accredited course which can be studied on a full-time basis.


Is there any government funding for this certificate?

OCA does not currently have any government funding available for this qualification. For more information, please contact our careers course advisors on 07 3161 6880.


Is RPL applicable to any of these units?

Yes we offer Recognition of Prior learning. We use a variety of evidence to support your prior learning such as previous qualification transcripts, job descriptions, awards/achievements and any other form of written evidence that supports you've already learnt the material. We assess this once a student has commenced studying with us.


I have a Diploma of Teaching. Does this apply to RPL?

This qualification sounds like it would definitely be helpful if applying for RPL on this course. Please contact one of course advisors to discuss the more specific details (07 3161 6880).


What forms of assessment are there for this course?

We use a variety of assessment such as multiple choice, short answer and short essay/report writing.


Do I need any sort of education assistant training before I complete this course?

No, there are no pre-requisites to this course.


When does this course start?

As this course is studied online, you can start at any time! It is completely self-paced, so there are no deadlines or cutoff dates for enrolments or assessments.


Does this course include and disability modules to work in a special class as an elective module?

This course does contain basic information about working with disabled children, but no specific units on the subject. Please contact one of our course advisors if you would like more information about how best to reach your career goal (07 3161 6880).


What is a simulated learning environment?

A simulated learning environment mimics a real classroom or workplace environment so as to place students in common scenarios to help improve the learning experience. This makes helps make the student experience much more interesting and engaging, and reduces the need for practical work. Click here for a demonstration of some of our content.

Can you start as soon as the $50.00 deposit is paid for in Option 3?

Yes, your log ins to access the course will be emailed to you immediately.


Can you pay more each week than the nominated $50.00 per week if the situation arises?

Yes, absoutely.


Can a visa holder do this course?

Unfortunately we are not a CRICOS provider and as such are unable to deliver this course to visa holders. You need to be anl Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident to be eligible to study this course.


What if more time is required to complete the course. Is it possible to get an extension if I can't do the 12 hours a week?

Extensions are available if you need more time (monthly fees apply). We are generally quite lenient with time restrictions.


Does OCA help students find work placements?

Yes. We have a dedicated Work Placement Officer who will do her utmost to assist students in finding placement. You will be given quality advice on how to apply for placement, as well as tips for getting your foot in the door at a school near you. We also work with our network of contacts in the industry to locate potential positions. Ultimately though, finding work placement is the responsibility of the student. We cannot guarantee placement as positions may be limited.

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Total Cost: $2299


$50 deposit
$50/Week for 49 Weeks
Total Cost: $2500
Hi Gemma, YAY!! I did it....thank you so much I could not have done it without you and your amazing support. If I knew where you were I would send you a big bunch of flowers! I gained 3 hours employment per week at my daughters school on a new program with aboriginal kids so I am so excited and so grateful to online courses Australia and to you. I plan on doing the certificate 4 just as soon as I can....unforunately being a single mum with only 3 hours work a week there is no way I can afford it at this stage but just as soon as I can I will be enrolling with you guys and I hope again I get you as my mentor/support person.....I can not wait. Thank you so so so much again Sam
Liz Caruana
Palm Beach, QLD
Just a short note to say how great On Line Courses Australia are. Doing the course on line gives me the freedom to study around life's commitments. As a busy working, single mother, I don't have the time to attend a TAFE to do any course that would help my future employment prospects. I was a little hesitant at first wondering what the support would be like and doing the course without that face to face interaction. But the offerings of support via emails and texts have consistently been there for me to use but I've found the course easy to follow so far and haven't needed to ask for any help. All in all it has been great going and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending On Line Courses Australia to anyone wanting to study on line. Regards Liz Caruana
Tracy Hopkins
Melbourne, VIC
I am a stay at home mum of 2 children 5 & 3 yrs and decided I wanted a change in career paths, so I decided to study at home and online. I found with personal dedication and online assistance when ever I needed it - that my course was educational, insightful, challenging but most of all enjoyable to complete. I now look forward to putting my new qualifications to work. Thank you Onlinecoursesaustralia
Anna Sothman
Thank you OCA for providing such an easy to follow study program and engaging course material. I was a bit nervous about studying again after being at home for 6 years raising my children. When I finally decided to just do it I was pleasantly surprised. The support was fantastic and the format of the course was great. It kept me interested at all times and looking forward to the next moment I had to sit down and do some of the course. I am now looking forward to getting out there so that I can put my new found knowledge to the test in the real world. Thanks again!
Tracy Pontt
Although I am currently employed as a School Support Officer, I benefited greatly from this Certificate III course. I enjoyed each assessment and expanded on my current knowledge. Gemma (my assessor) was fantastic and was quick to mark my assessments. I thoroughly recommend any SSO to undertake this course. Well worth the money. Thank you Gemma and the Online Courses Australia team.
Felicity Neylan
I was a bit sceptical about using an online course I had only googled... but they are fantastic :) I have just completed my course and it was amazing! Learnt a lot and whenever I needed help, it was always there for me. Never had any dramas and everyone is very friendly. Give it a go, it's worth it! :)
Rachael Lewis
I am currently studying cert 3 Education Support. I thought it was going to be hard doing a course online but its not at all. Having 3 kids its great to have the flexibility to study when I want. I am enjoying the course and can't wait to start a new career.
Kimberly Rosser
I have just completed the Certificate III in Education Support and couldn't be happier. It was a very thorough course with a large amount of additional resources and website links for those who feel they require more information. The fact the course was online was a small concern for me at first. I was worried about how available help was going to be if I required it. My concerns were immediately put to rest - the Online Courses Australia website was very easy to navigate, and help always available. Thank you.
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Total Cost: $2299


$50 deposit
$50/Week for 49 Weeks
Total Cost: $2500

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Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Nationally Accredited Certificate III in Education (Teacher's Aide) CHC30213.


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