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A good knowledge of accounting software like Xero is important if you're running a small business. However, when it comes to actually learning how to manage your finances with accounting courses, there are a couple of routes you can take; in-person and online.

So, when you want to gain this knowledge for your business in Australia, how can you tell if face-to-face or Xero course online learning is the best option? That’s what we look at here as we examine the pros and cons of each.

So, if you’re ready, let’s jump in!

The Pros & Cons of In-person Xero Courses

Enrolment in face-to-face learning in a classroom environment brings with it several advantages - as well as some drawbacks. So, let’s take a look at what they are.

Depending on the subject and the learner, there are certain circumstances where training in person better suits the individual. Here are a few of the benefits on offer...

  • Pro: A More Personal Experience - when learning Xero business accounting in a classroom setting with others, there’s no doubt that you get a more social and personal experience when compared with Xero course online learning.

  • Pro: The Instructor is There to Help - should you get stuck on anything from bank reconciliation to regulating cash flow, your instructor is right where you need them.

...and now a couple of drawbacks...

  • Con: Finding in-person Xero Training - whether you want to train in Quickbooks, learn MYOB essentials, or obtain Xero certification, you need to find a local provider that teaches it. Unfortunately, that’s not always going to be the case, and you might find the nearest course is in Brisbane while you live and work in Melbourne!

  • Con: Invested Time - another drawback of learning about Xero cloud accounting is that you must invest so much of your time. While the learning experience might be more personal, you must spend more time (and money) to enjoy it. Plus, there’s the time it takes to get to the teaching venue!

The Pros & Cons of Learning Xero Course Online

The online learning experience is becoming increasingly adopted by businesses across Australia. Consumable via a Microsoft or Apple PC, a smartphone, or a tablet, this short course option can be taken at your own pace.

This is a great option for busy business owners, as it easily integrates into your daily schedule. However, in the interest of balance, there are a couple of drawbacks too.

  • Pro: Total Convenience - at OCA, Xero courses online are broken up into easily-digest video modules. These intuitive modules can be enjoyed without prior learning on the subject and require just an internet-connected device.

  • Pro: Affordability - When you compare online learning like our Xero, MYOB & Bookkeeping Certificate to classroom-based learning options, you’ll see how much more affordable they are. This allows you to learn Xero accounting for much less!

  • Pro: Expert Support - of course, you get teacher support when you enrol in Australian classroom-based training, but you don’t get the kind of expert insight offered on OCA online courses. Our students can engage with top industry experts in real-time, allowing them to pick up vital tips and best practices.

...and some cons...

  • Con: An internet connection is needed when you want to learn the Xero course online; you’ll need an internet connection which not everyone has. That said, getting a mobile connection fast enough to watch a webinar is not super expensive.

  • Con: A lot of screen time - naturally, learning about the Xero course online requires a lot of screen time. However, as we’ve mentioned, OCA training is broken up into short video modules, meaning you only have to spend 10 minutes exposed to blue light.

So, What’s the Verdict? Online or In-person? What’s best?

The answer to that question depends on you and your business. However, if you like the sound of having an expert Xero advisor as your mentor and being able to engage in your training when you please, it would seem that the Xero course online route is preferable.

Of course, there are benefits to in-person learning, but you invariably have to pay an extra financial and time cost to enjoy it. On balance, there’s only ever one winner!

Acquire Accounting Skills the Easy Way With OCA Short Courses

If you want to add knowledge of Xero accounting software to your skillset, there’s no more affordable and convenient way to learn that via our CPD-endorsed Xero Courses online. Giving you the expertise you require without costing you a fortune, it’s increasingly becoming the best way to learn for a whole host of reasons.

Our is a next-level learning experience that you can get a good feel for by watching our short Student Study Demo that offers all the benefits, from AI-led learning to one-to-one expert mentoring. However, if you’d like to see our full course library that covers not just accounting but more than 20 different industries, visit us today at

If you have any questions you’d like us to answer before enrolling, call 1300 611 404, where our friendly experts are waiting. Alternatively, email us at [email protected], and we’ll respond without delay.

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