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The first step to beginning a rewarding job, is to plan your career.

Online Courses Australia has a brand new service - Job Squad - a FREE Career Consulting and Placement service. As a part of Job Squad’s support, you will receive your very own Career Coach who will walk you through the 5 steps to success.

  1. Career Planning
  2. Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  3. Interview Skills
  4. Managing Your Online Image, and LinkedIn Profile
  5. Professional Introductions

The first of those steps is Career Planning. 
Your personal Job Squad mentor will meet with you one-on-one via telephone to help you gain a clear vision of your career plan. But before you speak with your Job Squad mentor, there are a few simple steps that you can go through as an exercise to help prepare yourself.

Ask yourself;

Where am I now?
Knowing where you want to go is great, but to map out a journey, you need to know where you’re starting. Knowing where you are also helps identify any potential obstacles you may be likely to encounter.

Where do I want to be?
Idealistically, the sky is the limit. But to get to where you want to be, you may have to go through some places you need to be. Write down your goal and post it somewhere prominent (like the fridge) and let it be a constant reminder to achieve.

What do I want out of a job
Do you want to be spiritually fulfilled? Do you want to be able to express your creativity? Would you like to help people? Do you want respect? Fame? Money? When you realise what it is that primarily drives you, you will have a greater understanding of the types of jobs you should be seeking.

What do I like to do
Identifying your interests is an important step in your career journey. When you are aware of your interests you can make well-informed choices about which occupations, work environments you might enjoy, based on a good match with your interests.

What are my strengths
It is important that you are aware of your key skills, transferable skills and abilities so you can choose an occupation or plan a career that plays to those strengths.

What is important to me
Consider what is important to you as we all have different values, needs and motivations. These may change over time depending on your situation, both within and outside of work.

If you’re having trouble answering these questions, you can always take OCA’s free Personality Test, which will give you a detailed assessment of your personality traits, your strengths and qualities, and some great career recommendations.

Job Squad is COMPLETELY FREE to any OCA student studying any accredited course to join at any time. So now that you have a greater understanding of the path you would like to take, go ahead and get in touch with Job Squad. And if you’re not enrolled, why not take a look at our course listings, and see which might be right for you.

Have you considered doing one of our entry level short courses? Have you considered a teachers aide course? Checkout our aged care courses, teachers aide course, childcare courses and nutrition courses today.

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