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Every one has so many things to do on a daily basis. Whether it's studying, work, school or social commitments, 24 hours just never seems like enough time to power through the day all while getting a good nights sleep.

The first thing to do when managing time is to see where exactly your time goes. See how long it takes you to do certain tasks like studying for that exam or finishing that reading. Figure out what is going wrong and why it takes you so long..though we could probably answer that for you. Does the word procrastination sound familiar?

We're all guilty of procrastinating when we have important things to do. How do we steer clear from it so we actually get the most out of our time? These five ways can definitely help.

Pomodoro Timer

The famous Pomodoro technique comes in handy if you're trying to manage your time effectively. Simply take 25 minutes to do some solid work where you aren't interrupted by phone calls, social media and anything else that could be seen as a distraction. The technique comes from using a tomato timer where pomodoro actually means tomato in Italian. The technique is perfect if you need some control and a push towards productivity. 

Break It Up

If you're one of those people who have a to-do list which says 'create a to do list', then you need to organise yourself! Sometimes a hefty to do list can be frightening, so breaking up your tasks can make your work load seem easier and more approachable. Separate your tasks, figure out what needs to get done first and allocate your time properly. It'll be easier to understand what you need to do and you won't feel as stressed. 

Sleep Well

If you're not getting enough sleep, you're probably a bit groggy, which can make it hard to focus and get things done. Sleep is just as important as what you eat and how often you exercise, so it's vital that you get the right amount every night. A good sleep can motivate you to work effectively and manage your tasks. The right amount of sleep to get every night is between 7-9 hours, so if you want to hit your productive peak and organise your time effectively, get into your bed and catch those z's!


Giving yourself deadlines is a good way to organise and manage your time effectively. By setting yourself a deadline, you know you have to get the work done by a certain time. For example, if you have to read three chapters of a textbook, you can give yourself up to 4:00pm on a particular day to do it, and then you can relax. A deadline will help you focus and puts a little bit of pressure on you so that you can realise the importance of your tasks. It also gives you a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved so you can manage your time effectively. 


Managing time effectively will only come to you if you're dedicated to it! By getting into routine, you will find that it becomes easier to get tasks done, organise deadlines all while getting some decent sleep. Routine can not only simplify your life, but it helps keep some kind of structure in your life. The best thing about routine? They become daily habits, meaning that managing time effectively will become a norm in your everyday life.

Following these 5 basic steps will have you managing your day to day life so much more effectively. Not only will you become more productive, but you'll find that you have more time to indulge in hobbies and leisure activities. Effective time management can do wonders, not only for your capability to work, but also for maintaining stress levels. By starting with these simple steps, you can work your way to a more organised life!

Want to become a master at time management? Have a look at our course in Time Management and learn all the skills to work smarter!

"Either you run the day, or the day runs you."

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