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When it comes to mental health in Australia, issues are on the rise as people struggle to cope with everyday life. Around 40% of adults suffer from some mental health issue during their lives, and it’s something that affects both old and young people.

Once upon a time, we used to talk to our elders about our troubles, but since society has changed so much in the last 50 years, the job falls to full-time or part-time health professionals.

One thing is for sure - counselling services are in high demand, meaning those with the right qualifications to work in the counselling field get access to a vibrant sector with many job openings. In this article, we look at what’s involved when working as a qualified counsellor.

What Is Counselling in Australia?

As you learn in our Counselling Course Bundle (3 Micro-Credentials), counselling involves providing a confidential and safe place in which people can talk about their worries, concerns and views on life. Governed by the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, counsellors work with people in various settings, offering guidance, teaching self-care, and someone to talk to.

As such, the term ‘counsellor’ covers a range of professions, meaning there may be a particular specialisation you’d like to focus on. They include:

  • Family support worker
  • Mental health care worker
  • A support worker in community service
  • Community support worker
  • Alcohol & drug counsellor
  • Marriage/relationship counsellor
  • Aboriginal counsellor

As such, you may have people coming to you privately or guided to you via medical referrals from the doctor. The precise nature of your daily work will depend on the kind of support services you’re involved with.

Qualifications Required for a Career in Counselling

When considering becoming a counsellor in Australia, you must first determine your qualifications. Whether you live in Perth, Melbourne or Brisbane, the same accreditations are needed to counsel people professionally. Let’s dig in to see what they are.

You could choose an undergraduate degree, a postgraduate degree in counselling or a Master of Counselling degree accredited by the ACA (Australian Counselling Association).

This typically takes around two years to complete full-time (or 3-4 years part-time). Still, you don’t get any practical experience on the course, meaning you’ll likely need to get the necessary work experience by taking an internship once you’ve qualified.

TAFE Courses Offer Practical Experience

A more direct route would be to take the TAFE route, which in this instance, means taking a CHC51015 Certificate IV Diploma of Counselling. This graduate diploma is a further study course that takes around 2 years to complete and includes practical experience.

Another, more convenient way to become a professional counsellor is to engage in micro-credentials like our counselling courses. This is the most convenient option for your professional development, as you can learn at your own pace and when it suits you, giving you complete control of your progress.

Many people find time a barrier to learning, particularly when they have children to look after or a full-time job already. All you need with OCA is a spare ten minutes and a smartphone to get your learning in, as it fits around you!

Advantages of Gaining Counselling Qualifications

Getting into the industry is your first objective, and the above counselling qualifications must be considered for professional roles. However, the great thing about further learning is that it can help keep developing you professionally, opening up new doors for your career.

Adding to your counselling skills makes you better at your job and broadens your career horizons, allowing you to specialise in whatever role suits you best. And as we’ve seen, you have countless opportunities to explore.

Enjoy a Rewarding Career in Counselling With OCA Short Courses Online

So, suppose you’re looking to train for a hugely rewarding career as a counsellor in Australia. In that case, OCA online learning represents the most cost-effective, convenient and mentally stimulating way to gain the required skills and knowledge. Our courses transcend traditional text-based options, with our CPD-endorsed learning making you more employable with each completed video module.

If you’d like to know what it’s like learning with us, please take the time to watch our short Study Study Demo that lays everything out. One-to-one mentoring is just one of the many aspects our students enjoy, and our AI-driven platform encourages lifelong learning.

Counselling is just one of 20+ industries covered by our complete library. You can see it for yourself by visiting us today at, where you’ll also discover our flexible payment options that allow you to spread the cost.

However, if you’d like to speak to us prior to enrolling, give us a call at 1300 611 404 or drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll respond without delay.

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