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When you're looking for a job, your CV plays a big part in your success, so the more impressive things you can put on it, the better, right? Well, suppose the stats are anything to go by. In that case, many people understand the need to work on their complex and interpersonal skills  via micro-credential online learning  - as around 7.8 million Australian professionals have undertaken some form of supplemental during their careers.

What Is The Purpose Of Micro-Credential Courses?

In short, Micro-learning TAFE courses are designed to give people industry skills, experience, and know-how that are in demand. They're able to offer a Pathway to a degree or simply provide the learner with additional skills that they can use to further their career. What's more, they apply to pretty much any career imaginable.

Whether talking about animal care, teacher’s aide training, or even parenting, micro-learning like this is ideal for people with busy lives. Typically delivered via a smart device at a pace that suits the learner, they're great for; a) getting started in a career and b) developing within a role.

What Are The Benefits Of Micro-Credential Courses?

Micro-credentials offer a highly customizable learning experience that can be tailored to the professional in question. Allowing them to get ahead of their peers, these micro TAFE online courses  let the learner make small learning commitments rather than one enormous one.

While standard university or TAFE courses  can last anywhere from six months to several years, micro-learning can be done in weeks, meaning that it can be used in a very reactive way to address gaps in your knowledge as you become aware of them.

Micro-Credentials Are Just A Fad, Though, Right?

With all the hype circulating about these kinds of professional short courses online, you'd be forgiven for thinking they're something of a fad that won't be here in 2 years. That's not the case - far from it. Currently, 36 of the 43 universities in Australia offer micro-credentials like these - so they're here to stay.

As such, anyone should consider taking them if they intend to:

  • Refresh their knowledge when returning to an industry
  • Increase their knowledge base after a promotion
  • Learn new skills to apply for a promotion
  • Obtain a new technical skill
  • Add skills to their CV

Upskilling in this way is becoming the method of choice, but it’s not just because it’s shiny and new, rather, it offers tangible benefits to the learner - one of which is employability.

Do Hirers Actually Value These Qualifications?

Yes, yes, and yes, again! These micro TAFE online courses offer digital badges that look great on your CV, and good hirers will understand; a) what they represent and b) what it means to employ someone who's organised and dedicated enough to take steps to learn new professional skills. There are some sectors like IT; for example, they're something of a prerequisite for being able to apply for roles.

It helps when you get your micro-learning badges issued from a reputable provider, with the best ones also tending to offer CPD points as you move through them. In every sense, they represent the future of professional development, with their use set to explode in the coming years.

Empower Your Career With OCA Short Courses Online 

Modern professionals in Australia need all the help they can get to achieve the success they're aiming for, but as we've seen here, micro-credentials are something that most can ill afford to ignore. At OCA, we offer a wide range of  CPD-accredited video-based online learning  that makes learning fun and makes you more employable at an affordable cost.

Why study with OCA, you might ask? Well, our students often tell us that we provide the most immersive and well-supported online courses Australia  offers. Check out our Student Study Demo that clearly shows you just how joined up the learning experience is. If you'd like to see our full course library that covers more than 20 different industries, visit us today at

While you're there, why not take a look at our flexible payment options that make our popular micro TAFE courses even cheaper than they already are? We don't think that cost should stop ambitious people from achieving their goals; with us, they don’t have to!

Alternatively, if you have any misgivings or questions you’d like us to answer, our friendly team of advisors is available to give you all the information you need. It’s easy to get in touch with them, too, as you simply need to call 1300 611 404 or drop us a line at, and we’ll aim to respond to you as quickly as we can.

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