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Every year it gets more and more difficult. What do you buy people for Christmas? Will they like it? What if they have it already? Sooner or later, the stress of Christmas shopping takes over and you realise that it's already Christmas Eve! What are you gonna do now?! Luckily, we have some tips for a specific kind of friend/family member.. The one that studies!

Educational gifts may sound boring to some, but they can actually be really fun and creative! We've put together a little list that will help you in buying those gifts for people who are studying at uni, school and especially online.

Desk Art

No work space is complete without a little bit of fancy desk art! Simple things like wall frames and bold lamps can brighter up a space and give it that extra touch. Find out what kind of things and colours your friend likes so you can get art work that matches. For example, if they like dogs and the colour red, find a red art frame that has a picture of a cute pug in it. You can even go that step further and make it yourself. Just buy a nice frame and find a picture which you think they'll enjoy. It's that simple!

Portable Charger

With everyone using their phones and laptops all the time, portable chargers are a great present. If your friend decides to study at the park and their devices die, they'll be able to charge them up straight away with a portable charger. It's a gift that will go to great use, especially for those friends who are addicted to their phones! It's also great if they love to travel around!

Indoor Plants

Another great present and feature for a students study space is a plant. Not only will a plant purify the air, but a study by the Royal College of Agriculture discovered that it can even create a higher level of attentiveness while studying! Now your friend will know who to thank if they get top marks in an assessment!


There's nothing like the smell of vanilla coconut candles in a room! Candles are a great gift that'll bring a nice feel to any study space, or any room in the house! With different colours and scents, they are great for it's aromatherapy qualities. Candles can be used to de-stress and relax, so if you have any friends that need a pampering, candles are a great start!


Everyone uses headphones/earphones for something - whether they are listening to music or having a chat on the phone. Headphones make a great present because now they come in all shapes and sizes. You can find your friends favourite colour, have them wireless and even find different designs! There's a headphone style out there to suit everyone and anyone!


A fe things come under the category of books. Lets begin with the one that comes straight to mind:

A Reading Book
Does your friend have a favourite author? Maybe they're really passionate about a particular subject? Do they like knock knock jokes? Whatever it is, there is a book out there for everyone. It can relate to what they're studying or it can be something completely different, but a book is great gift because they can be re-read, handed down and just kept as a feature on their desk! If they aren't into books, magazines are also a great substitute.

Adult Colouring In Books
These are the hot thing of 2015. Adult colouring in books are perfect as they are a stress reliever. If your friend studies too hard, maybe they need a few textas and a little scribble!


This is probably the most common one, but really, who doesn't love stationery?! Not only for students, but stationery is super handy for almost anyone. Instead of just getting regular pens from a store, shops like Kikki K, Typo & Smiggle stock some beautiful items that will make your friend start hand writing their notes again!

Ipod Speaker

What better gift to give than a handy iPod speaker that your friend can have their music streaming from, rather than the dodgy speaker from their laptop or phone. Not only is a speaker good for studying, but because it's portable, they'll be able to take it when they go traveling, to the beach or if they have friends over.

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