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Suppose you’re looking to improve your professional prospects. In that case, you can do many things, from focusing on your personal development to online studying, but what a surprisingly high number of people fail to take advantage of is career counselling. Those who choose not to use this valuable resource really are missing out, though, as the benefits are numerous. 

That's what we look at here as we examine the value of job counselling services and why they should be considered by anyone with serious work aspirations. We’ll also finish up by showing you online courses from OCA can help you address any skills gaps you may have.

The Big Question: How Can I Choose My Career Path?

One thing is for certain; professional career counsellors know an awful lot about the training, education and resources open to you. Good counsellors are also active listeners who take the time to get to know you and guide you based on what interests you. This allows them to highlight options you were perhaps unaware of before speaking to them.

Career counselling can help you when:

  • You’re looking for work experience placements
  • You’re deciding which online studying you should do
  • You’re thinking of a career change
  • You’re unemployed and seeking to work
  • You’re having issues with your work/life balance

One of the most complex parts of having a career for many is knowing which direction to set off in, and a counsellor helps you find that direction. They can help you ensure that you don't waste years in a profession that was never suited to you - so it’s got to be worth trying it out, right?

How Do You Go About Finding A Careers Counsellor As An Adult?

Of course, if you’re still at school, finding career advice shouldn’t be too tricky, as they’re clearly signposted in most cases. However, if you’re no longer in education, organisations like Career Counselling Australia often offer it for free. Even if you’re currently in work, it’s still available for a nominal fee.

There’s a lot to be said for knowing what you want - as so many in the professional world don’t. With a clear view of your destination, you can get started on your online studying, meaning that no time is wasted on your journey to your ideal job. Sure, you could be lucky without a counsellor, but why take chances with something that’s so important?

Train For Your New Role With Video Short Courses From OCA

No one who’s serious about having a great working life should pass up the opportunity to engage in career counselling, as it’s a fundamental step in anyone's success. So is developing your skills and knowledge, which can be achieved easily and affordably with modular, video-based short courses from OCA that make learning a genuinely enjoyable experience.

So, if you’d like to know more about the CPD-approved online learning we offer, you simply need to visit us today at There you'll find details of our easy payment options, as well as a wide variety of professional courses that cover 20+ industries and sectors.

However, if you’d like to speak to us about what we’ve discussed here or anything else, give us a call at 1300 611 404, and we’ll give you all the answers you need.

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