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Looking to start a career in workplace health and safety in Australia? One of the first steps is to acquire OHS certification. In this article, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about applying for OHS certification in Australia, as well as how a Workplace Health & Safety course can kickstart your career in this booming industry. 

Who Needs OHS Certification in Australia?

OHS certification in Australia is essential for professionals who are responsible for maintaining and improving workplace safety standards. This includes safety officers, advisors, and anyone in a role where understanding and applying health and safety practices are crucial. If you're committed to ensuring the well-being of employees and meeting industry regulations, obtaining an OHS certification is a crucial step.

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Types of OHS Certification

The Australian Institute of Health & Safety (AIHS) offers various levels of certification tailored to your experience and qualifications:

  • Certified OHS Practitioner (COHSPrac): This entry-level certification is designed for those implementing OHS practices and strategies within the workplace.
  • Certified OHS Professional (COHSProf): Suited for individuals who design and advise on OHS management strategies and frameworks.
  • Chartered OHS Professional (ChOHSP): The highest level, for those who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the field and possess

Steps to Apply for OHS Certification  

To apply for OHS certification, you must have these documents: 

→ Your updated CV/Resume

→ An academic transcript that showcases OH&S-related subjects undertaken

→ Your DCA (Demonstrated Capability Assessment) Report

→ 3 referees which need to include 1 direct manager

  1. Determine your eligibility by completing the AIHS's online Certification Eligibility Questionnaire.
  2. Join AIHS if you're not a member already, as certification is available exclusively to members.
  3. Prepare necessary documentation: your CV, academic transcripts, DCA Report, and references from three referees.
  4. Decide which certification pathway suits your qualifications and career aspirations, then follow the application process accordingly​.

Cost of OHS Certification Australia 

The application fee for OHS certification varies by type:

  • Certified OHS Practitioner, Professional, or Chartered Professional: $495 (incl. GST)
  • Upgrades between certification levels: $275 (incl. GST)
  • Membership fee for AIHS (if not already a member): $275 (incl. GST 

Who Can Apply for OHS Certification? 

In Australia, formal education is necessary to obtain OHS certification. While OHS certification isn’t a legal requirement, it can bolster your employability and earning potential.

However, if you're just starting in the field of workplace health and safety, a smart first step would be to enrol in a foundational course such as OCA’s Workplace Health & Safety Micro-Credential.

This short course equips you with essential knowledge and skills, such as monitoring and managing WHS, recognising and assessing workplace hazards, and developing safety procedures. Additionally, it teaches you how to create strategies for risk control, understand your responsibilities in implementing WHS, and maintain proper safety records. 

The course is recognised by Continuing Professional Development (CPD), meaning it's a respected start in the field and can serve as a bridge should you decide to go deeper into OHS studies. It's structured to provide you with a practical understanding of workplace safety, setting a solid foundation for future learning and advancement in the field.

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Enrol in OCA’s WHS Course Today

Don’t wait. Enrol in our Workplace Health & Safety short course today and take the first steps towards becoming a WHS officer. 

With OCA, you can learn online at your own pace, fitting your studies around your existing commitments. It's a flexible way to start building the skills and knowledge you need for a career in Workplace Health and Safety. 

Start your journey now and pave the way to a rewarding new career.

OHS Certification Australia FAQs 

How to become a safety officer in Australia?

Start with a foundational course like OCA’s Work Health and Safety micro-credential. From there, you can continue your studies, or directly enter the workforce in entry-level positions. 

How much does a work health and safety officer earn in Australia? 

The average safety officer salary in Australia is $90,000 per year. Entry-level positions start at $78,076 per year, while most workers with more professional experience make up to $115,625 per year. 

When do you need a workplace health and safety officer?

A Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO) is generally needed when a business wants to ensure compliance with WHS laws and improve workplace safety

How many employees before you need a health and safety officer? 

Australian law does not specify a certain number of employees to have a WHSO, but any business aiming to improve workplace safety could benefit from appointing one.

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