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Are financial constraints hindering your pursuit of education? At Online Courses Australia, we are committed to making education accessible to all, ensuring it's not a privilege but a right for everyone. We're thrilled to announce that we are now Centrepay-approved! We understand the significance of accessible education.

With Centrepay as a payment option, our courses are even more accessible to individuals receiving government support. Centrepay is a secure and convenient government payment service crafted to assist individuals in managing their financial commitments and expenses. Whether you're a student investing in your future or someone aiming to upskill for a new career, Centrepay simplifies the process of covering your course fees.

Benefits of Using Centrepay for Your Education

  1. Financial Flexibility: Centrepay allows you to spread the cost of your education over time, making it easier to manage your budget. You can choose the deduction frequency that works best for you! 

  2. No Interest or Fees: Centrepay doesn't charge interest or fees, unlike traditional loans or credit cards. 

  3. Convenience: Set up automatic payments through Centrepay, so you never miss a course payment and can focus on your studies.

  4. Government Support: Many students in Australia receive government support through Centrelink, and Centrepay is designed to work seamlessly with these payments.

How Do You Use Centrepay for Online Courses in Australia?

Getting started with Centrepay at Online Courses Australia is simple:

  1. Choose Your Course: Choose from our wide range of courses that suit your education journey 

  2. OCA will assist in setting up your Centrepay deductions in 5 minutes: Book a call here or mail [email protected], and follow their easy step-by-step instructions to set up automatic payments.

  3. Start Your Educational Journey: Once your Centrepay payments are set up, you can confidently start your course, knowing your education is financially secure.

We understand choosing a career direction or the right course to study can be challenging; we are here to help. Contacting us is easy – simply call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected]. 

We are excited to discuss your education journey and course options!

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