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When trying to decide which interpersonal skills are the most important for a successful professional career, there are quite a few to choose from. However, there is perhaps none more crucial for advancement than leadership, as you’ll often be tasked with running a team once promoted.

Can you learn how to be a good leader? 

Sure you can. Of course, some people have a natural disposition for leading others, but in truth, most of us don’t. When it comes to leadership recruitment online education can be used to boost a person’s abilities, allowing them to take the next step. So, yes, leadership can most definitely be learnt.

What skills and qualities are essential for leadership? 

That’s what we look at in this next section, as we explain five essential qualities that an individual needs to demonstrate every day in order to be an effective leader. 

Trait #1 - Promoting Creativity In Others

One of the primary aims of a leader is to get the most out of the teams they manage, so it’s vital that you know how to encourage creativity in others. By offering opportunities to do so - which might involve stepping back and trusting in your employees - you can inspire workers to be their best. 

Trait #2 - Practising What You Preach 

You don’t have to take free online courses to know that leading by example is often effective. Your staff are that much more likely to follow you and listen to what you have to say if you’re practising what you preach and embodying everything you’re asking your teams to do. 

Trait #3 - Passion For the Job

Motivation and passion are important interpersonal skills to have in your locker as an employee, but they become even more crucial for leaders. No one is going to come to you for advice or guidance if it appears that you have no drive to get the job done. Enthusiasm and drive are vital for good leaders.

Trait #4 - Clear & Effective Communication

Running a team involves getting your point across in terms of timescales, project scope and all the other fine details that matter to the eventual outcome. This requires effective communication across the board, including verbal, non-verbal and electronic communication like emails.

If you don’t achieve this, it’s only natural that confusion will reign and the tasks you give out simply won’t get completed as required.

Trait #5 - A Positive & Approachable Demeanour 

Another of the most important interpersonal skills that a leader can’t do without is a positive and optimistic attitude towards work and life in general. Positivity can be contagious too, so your outlook will encourage your employees to also be the same way.

That doesn’t mean that you should look at everything through rose-tinted spectacles, but by limiting the expression of negativity, you’ll prevent your team from becoming disheartened and demotivated...

Develop Your Interpersonal Skills  WIth OCA Online Training

Leadership ability is something that will help you progress throughout whatever career you pursue, but don’t worry if yours isn’t yet where it should be. That’s because interpersonal skills like these can be acquired using video-based, CPD-approved online training from OCA.

To find out more about our next-level, industry-led learning that covers more than 20 different industries, check us out at There you’ll also find details about our flexible payment options that make our training even more accessible than it already is.

However, if you’d like to speak to us directly about your needs, we’ll be more than happy to assist. To get in contact, just call us on1300 611 404 and we’ll do our very best to help. 

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