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The hugely popular social media platform that is Facebook represents a fantastic tool for small businesses to use to market their services, not least because, at the point of writing, there are close to 3 billion users - which is almost half the planet’s population! That said, it’s important you know what you’re doing to get the utmost out of your social media marketing. 

So, to that end, and to help you in your marketing efforts, we now provide you with 5 Facebook marketing tips to boost your performance. You won’t be an expert by reading to the end, but you will have a much better idea of the wealth of options open to you and how to get the skills you need to excel in advertising yourself on the platform.

So, let’s dive right in!

Tip #1 - Advertise Multiple Products With Facebook Carousel

Modern consumers love more than swiping left and right with their index finger and with Facebook Carousel; that’s how they view your products, allowing you to market several products simultaneously. Perfect for viewing on either mobile or PC, Carousel lets you use up to 10 different high-quality images to catch the eye and increase engagement. 

Tip #2 - Leverage the Power of Facebook Lead Ads

Something you’ll learn early on with most good online digital marketing courses is the power offered by Facebook Lead ads. Aimed solely at mobile users, lead ads are a great alternative to ungainly and unengaging mobile landing pages, and the form provided is simply awesome for gathering addresses, phone numbers, job titles and other info that can be used to market your services or goods.

Tip #3 - Don’t Forget to Use Facebook Analytics 

Another incredibly useful feature the platform provides is Facebook Analytics, which gives you lots of lovely insight into how potential customers interact with your Facebook page, app or website. This information helps you to adjust your strategy to ensure that you’re getting the right kind of customers and they’re being channelled the best way for optimum conversion and revenue.

Tip #4 - Remarketing, Remarketing, Remarketing

Online marketing courses also show you what vendors are missing out on when they don’t choose to make use of remarketing techniques. It involves targeting leads based on their previous actions, such as putting goods into their shopping cart and then failing to complete the transaction. In Facebook circles, this is called Custom Audiences, and it’s another excellent way to increase interaction and sales.

Tip #5 - Make Sure Your Facebook Ads Are Relevant 

Another critical factor in the success of the Facebook ads you create is their relevance - something Facebook actually scores you on. If your ads aren’t relevant, they won’t get the interaction you’re looking for, and it can even influence how often Facebook shows your ad and how much it costs for each click - so it’s essential to get it right!

Improve Your Social Media Marketing Skills the Easy Way

When you have the skills to take advantage of the many tools Facebook makes available to marketers, the world really is your oyster in terms of what you want to get out of them. The great news is that learning these skills is easier than ever thanks to online marketing courses like our Facebook Marketing Advanced Course that deliver the information in short, easily digestible video modules.

This is just one of a range of online digital marketing courses we offer at OCA that are not only industry-approved but also CPD-endorsed and created in collaboration with top industry experts. For more information on how to improve your Facebook and Instagram ads, enquire about our marketing courses. So, if you'd like to know more about these or any of the online training we provide, visit us at However, should you be in need of advice, simply call us today on 1300 611 404. 

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