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People tend to have a fairly restricted view of what kind of work is involved in being a makeup artist, with many surprised by what’s actually on offer after completing a makeup artist course. In truth, there’s a wide array of paths to choose from - something we look at here in this blog.

Is It Easy To Get A Job As A Full-Time Makeup Artist? 

Honestly, we’d recommend considering any role you’re offered to begin with, as experience speaks volumes. It might not be your dream job, but it gives you an ‘in’ and that’s exactly what you need when starting out. It may not be full-time to begin with either, but it’s all experience you can point to. 

What Equipment And Tools Do You Need To Be A Makeup Artist?

Believe it or not, there are makeup course options out there that come with a free kit, but if you don’t yet have access to one, you should concentrate on getting your basic concealer, blush, blender, brow and liner brushes. Add some tweezers and lash curlers and you’re almost there! Online makeup courses Australia are certainly making waves in the industry. 

An Array of Interesting Careers To Pursue

So, to the main thrust of the blog, as we look at the possibilities that exist to anyone completing makeup short courses online  can enjoy. Of course, you can work in a salon if that’s your aim, but you’re by no means restricted to this arena. In fact, the opportunities are incredible!

Here’s just a selection of what you could end up doing…

  • A movie special effects makeup artist - it doesn’t get more fun or exciting!
  • A makeup artist for TV & stage - another hugely rewarding field.
  • A prosthetic artist - a similar role involved in film & TV.
  • A retail makeup artist - offering awesome looks while selling makeup products.
  • Social media influencer - reaching out to the masses with makeup tips & tutorials.
  • Face/body painter - creating wonderful designs for shows and events.
  • Editorial makeup artist - describing & teaching makeup techniques in magazines & videos. 

What you’ve got to remember is that every single one of these options is open to anyone who’s willing to work on their professional and personal development. This is just a selection too, so this is not an exhaustive list, as there’s even potential for working abroad if you’re lucky!

Many who fill these kinds of roles get something quite rare - a job that they enjoy doing! How many people do you know who are able to say that? Online makeup courses Australia is certainly the place to be. 

Video Online Studying: The Easy Way to Learn New Skills

What’s clear is that an online makeup course is something that opens up a world of professional possibility, with their flexible nature allowing them to be arranged around a person’s existing obligations. Those offered by OCA are hugely stimulating too, as each one is video-based for a completely relaxed and engaging way to learn new skills. 

This, like all of the online learning that we offer, is fully CPD-accredited (meaning you’ll be more employable) and comes with dedicated round-the-clock support. If you’d like to know more about anything we’ve talked about, visit us today at There you’ll find a wide range of short courses online  covering more than 20 different industries.

However, if you’d prefer to speak to someone before you enrol, call us today on 1300 611 404 and we’ll do our level best to answer any questions you might have.  

Ignite Your Passion For Makeup Artistry Online!


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