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Athletic performance matters in the field of competitive sports in Australia and the wider world. However, that’s not the only part of the equation, as having the tools to come out on top does not necessarily equate to achievement. As performance sports coaching aims to address, you also need to have your head in the right place.

Ask most high-performance athletes and they’ll tell you that mental toughness is at least as important as physical prowess. As you’ll find out when taking our Sports Performance Bundle with Emma Murray, when you work on how you think, your body is capable of more.

A Sports Performance Course Online Can Get You There

When you take a sports performance online with OCA, you get advice from one of Australia’s leading mind coaches, Emma Murray, in the palm of your hand. Rather than having to pay through the nose for a high-performance sports psychology coach, you get an affordable and instantly accessible way to take your game to the next level.

Regular sports performance courses focus on exercise science, sports medicine, exercise physiology, and general physical education; a sports performance course online looks at your mental game, with a range of important topics covered, like:

  • Controlling your mindset to own your skillset
  • Awareness of the role of your mind in sport
  • Mental rehearsal in the lead-up to an event
  • Visualizing your goals
  • Setting yourself up for success

This kind of online learning will allow you to redefine what you’re capable of. Whether you’re someone who wants to do better at sports and exercise or add sports psychology to your list of services as a sports coach, it’s a great way to learn the fundamentals.

The Challenges a Sports Performance Course Online Overcomes

The key principles learned in a sports performance course online address a number of challenges that athletes of all levels have to face. While you might understand the basic principles of sports science, a lack of supervision and feedback can hold you back - as you don’t get an extrinsic view of your physical activity and what you’re doing wrong.

Motivation & Accountability

When trying to work on sports performance on your own, you can be highly driven but still not hit the heights you might when there’s no extra motivation or accountability. With an OCA online course, the personal mentor learners are given can provide that external view from a highly professional and experienced place.

Technical & Equipment Knowledge

E-learning in sports performance also gives you expert insight into the technical aspects of physical performance based on countless case studies and years of experience. Should your chosen sport involve equipment, such as rowing, cycling, or even javelin-throwing, your mentor can help you to perfect your approach.

A Lack of Available Time

Many budding athletes in Australia are self-funded, meaning they have to fit all their training in between working. In-person coaching can be time-consuming, but when you enrol in a sports performance course online, the course content is ready when you are and can be consumed via a smartphone or tablet as and when you please.

The Benefits of a Sports Performance Course Online

Why is online training like our Fitness, Health & Nutrition Courses so popular with our customers? Well, they’re great for personal and professional development, and there are no prerequisites or entry requirements to signing up. What’s more, they offer a learning experience that transcends traditional text-book based options, offering a series of easily-digestible short video-based modules.

Other advantages include:

  • Getting to learn entirely at your own pace
  • Personalized training programs & feedback
  • Accessing expert knowledge & resources

When we say that you get access to expert knowledge, we mean it! Emma Murray has applied her expertise to a wide range of high-profile sporting organisations. She’s coached Australian cricketers making their test debuts, focusing her expertise on individual athlete requirements.

She’s also got a long track record in providing training session assistance to those engaged in high-level team sports, such as guiding AFL teams to premiership glory. The learning outcomes her students get are absolutely rooted in having been at the very top of the industry.

Raise Your Levels With an OCA Sports Performance Course Online

So, if you’re looking to work on your own mental strength for sports performance, OCA short courses online offer a next-level learning experience. Comprising mentally stimulating video modules that you can take at your own pace, a sports performance course online can help you achieve more while allowing you to keep more money in your own pocket.

Want to know what a next-level online learning experience looks like? Watch our short Student Study Demo that shows exactly what you can expect, from 1-to-1 mentoring to an AI-driven platform that actively encourages lifelong learning.

Alternatively, if you’d like to see our full course library, visit us today at, and you’ll see our training covers more than 20 different sectors. However, to speak to us directly about your learning needs, call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Ignite Your Passion In Sport Performance!


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