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If you’ve got your eyes focused on a career in the sports and fitness industry, the role of sports performance cannot be underestimated. You see, it’s a central part of sports science and sports medicine that allows people to develop their overall athletic ability.

Whether talking about conditioning, strength-building, or speed, sports performance helps athletes to gain an advantage over the competition. Essentially, it exists to help develop fitness levels in an athlete’s quest to reach their chosen performance goals.

Online Sports Performance Courses Are Game-Changing

At Online Courses Australia, our online sports performance courses are designed to help anyone develop their possible levels of physical activity. From elite athletes training for the Olympic Games right the way down to Australian adolescents tailoring their workouts, sports performance can help anyone wanting to take their physical prowess to higher levels.

There are four main pillars in sports performance:

  1. Skill
  2. Strength
  3. Endurance
  4. Recovery

In recent years, there have been huge strides made in sports science, in part due to the huge amount of money involved. Professional athletes playing a team sport like soccer earn millions per year, with tournaments like the World Cup generating $7bn and sporting events relating to the NBA, NFL, Premier League, and more.

Professional sports in the modern day call for elite athletic performance, as sports fans demand it! In this regard, online sports performance courses can be game-changing in the workout program decision-making process, particularly for those who don’t have access to top-level coaches.

Much of Elite Sports Performance Is in the Mind

Sports performance is a concept used in elite sports across the board, with swimmers, cyclists, runners, and more using it to gain a competitive advantage. Of course, a personal trainer can offer general support about basic fitness, covering:

  • Optimizing training sessions
  • Achieving the ideal body weight
  • Creating training programs
  • Lowering your resting heart rate
  • Metabolism & diet
  • Exercise repetitions

However, a sports performance analyst will take a systematic review of an athlete’s data, focusing on their data sets (gained from wearable tech) to achieve what can be a very narrow goal. For instance, if a hockey player wanted to improve their shooting power, sports performance would focus on coordination and strength so that shots made are naturally more powerful and accurate.

Also, as you’ll find when taking our Sports Performance Bundle featuring leading mind coach Emma Murray, much of taking your physical ability to the next level is in mind. It’s often about allowing people to keep going when the going is tough, as mental resilience is a common theme amongst the highest performers in each sport.

The Benefits of Online Sports Performance Courses

Of course, when you have a sports coach there making interventions and providing advice in real-time in person, it’s great. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a personal coach. The great about online sports performance courses is that they help athletes achieve all of the following from the comfort of their own homes: Unlock their full potential


  • Boost their mental fortitude
  • Raise confidence levels
  • Reduce performance anxiety

The visualisation and well-being techniques used by sports performance pros help athletes see themselves hitting their targets and finishing on the winner’s rostrum. Online courses in sports performance will allow you to get this support on your terms.

Being delivered online, you can take things at your own pace, using the resource as and when you see fit. It’s also much more affordable than employing a sports performance coach.

Use As Part of a Holistic Approach to Athletic Development

The diet also plays a large part in allowing someone to reach their full athletic potential, and our online sports performance courses fit neatly together with our range of Fitness, HealthNutrition Courses that offer a comprehensive understanding of how to give yourself the ideal nutrition for all your athletic endeavours.

Whether you’re a budding athlete or someone wanting to train to become a personal trainer or sports coach, our online learning offers a deep knowledge of nutrition and how to use it to get the results you’re aiming for.

Enhance Your Sports Science Knowledge With OCA Online Learning

So, if you’re a trainer or someone looking to hit the heights in sports, OCA’s CPD-endorsed, video-based learning is the most convenient and affordable way to learn the skills you need. Our platform offers a next-level training experience that’s a world away from traditional text courses that make your eyes glaze over.

To get a closer look at this ‘next-level’ experience, look at our short Student Study Demo. In it, you’ll find details like 1-to-1 mentoring for every student and an AI-driven platform that actively encourages lifelong learning. As such, if you want to see our full course library that spans over 20 different industries, visit us today at

Alternatively, to speak to us about your precise training requirements, call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected]. Our team is ready and waiting to help you find the ideal courses for your needs.

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