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  • Are you thinking of pursuing a career in fitness or personal training? At OCA, we understand it can be difficult to be a 100% sure and study is a big commitment. That's why we have created this Career Sampler course to give you a taste of your potential future career in this exciting industry.

    "I just wanted to let you know that I have been blown away by the course so far. I have done other online courses in the past and been disappointed.  I love the video parts and how user-friendly everything is. Thanks and I will be considering the advanced fitness courses moving forward." - Kain

    This course will give you the insight and perspective you need to confirm that a career in fitness and/or personal training is for you. You will preview the skills and knowledge required in several areas including: 

    • Applying science to personal training
    • Strength & conditioning
    • The science of health & fitness
    • Healthy eating for a healthy life
    • Skills of the gym instructor
    • Skills of a personal trainer

    Industry Recognised

    Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an OCA Certificate of Achievement in Fitness & Personal Training.
    Career Pathways

    • Fitness Trainer
    • Gym Instructor
    • Personal Trainer
    • Specialist Exercise Trainer
    • Boot Camp Instructor
    • Exercise Therapist
    • Fitness Centre Advisor

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    Sample extract from our online Fitness & Personal Training course.

    Exercise Science I

    This is a fantastic topic for those who wish to become aware of the science behind the body.

    This topic provides an introduction to human anatomy and physiology, and interesting applications to exercise.

    This includes the structure and functions of the musculoskeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems, and an introduction to biomechanics, and physiological responses to exercise.

    Anyone motivated to develop their understanding of human structure and function for the purpose of advancing their knowledge of how the body responds to exercise would benefit from these studies.

    As you work through the topic you will learn the importance of applying theory to practical activities associated with physical exercise.

    This topic introduces the role of the fitness trainer and essential skills that need to be developed for assisting in a gym environment.

    Other learning in this fitness course topic includes:

    Skeletal Anatomy

    Bone Markings and Connective Tissue


    Cardiac Cycle

    Exercise Science II

    Topics include the study of human anatomy and physiology and the responses of major systems to exercise and adaptations for health.

    This includes human energy production systems, the use of fuel substrates in exercise, immunity and endocrinology, and the benefits of exercise.

    Healthy Eating for a Healthy Life

    This topic provides an overview of healthy eating and useful recommendations. 

    To achieve optimal nutrition levels and healthy eating habits, it is helpful to understand digestive system anatomy and processes, the roles of essential nutrients, and to have an awareness of nutritional challenges.

    This topic is valuable for anyone interested in improving their knowledge about healthy eating.

    Throughout this topic, you will learn about the purpose of assessment and the importance of standards/goals that need to be met in order to achieve the given tasks.

    You will gain an understanding of the methods of assessment that can be used along with suggested assessment instruments for given tasks.

    Other learning experiences in this topic are:

      • Digestive System
      • Anatomy
      • Essential Nutrients

    If you would like to preview this fitness and personal training course in more detail or find out how it can help you secure fitness jobs, click on DEMO above or call our team on 1300 611 404. You may also be interested in these online fitness courses - click here.


    Thank you for your interest. Fill out the details below, and we will be in touch with options to experience a demonstration of this course.

    Thank you for your interest. Fill out the details below, and we will be in touch with more information.
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