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The world of tourism has always been an interesting and exciting one, but as you’ll find out by taking tourism courses online, there are new types of vacation being thought of all the time. One such example is adventure tourism which, rather than being a getaway that involves relaxation and rest, involves strenuous and sometimes risky pastimes.

Even the term itself is quite a broad one, as adventure holidays can take place anywhere around the world, with some pretty far-flung and exotic locations enjoyed by many travellers. Of course, it tends to be enjoyed by younger people, due to the nature of the activities.

The Various Types of Adventure Tourism

Tourism education courses will tell you a lot of things about the industry, including the sheer variety of adventure holidays that you can choose. Let’s take a look now at some examples of what we mean and what they involve.

When we talk about adventure tourism, we’re discussing holidays that appeal to people who want something different, something above and beyond a standard package vacation. They basically want experiences they can tell their friends, family and children about.

Gentler examples include things like:

  • Hiking the foothills of Peru to visit the amazing Machu Picchu
  • Sleeping out in the open under the stars in Namibia
  • Swimming with dolphins and turtles off the coast of Australia

Whereas other, more strenuous examples include:

  • Rock climbing in South Africa
  • Kayaking the Rapids in Canada
  • Parascending over the Julian Alps in Slovenia

As you can see, they all involve a pastime or activity that will create great memories for you and your family, but the second group are most certainly for young and fitter holidaymakers out there.

So, What’s It's Like to Work in Adventure Tourism?

A Micro-Credential in tourism studies is one way to get started on your journey to working in the adventure tourism sphere, but what’s it like as a job? Is it well paid and what are the hours like? Well, the first answer is that it’s one of the most exciting and enjoyable jobs you can have, and in terms of salary, you can expect around $60k per year.

You will be asked to work whatever hours the activity calls for, but it can involve days and nights away in outdoor camps. That said, it will very much depend on what you’re engaged in. Ask anyone currently involved in the industry, and they’ll typically tell you that they’re lucky in that they adore what they do for a living!

Get Qualified At Your Own Pace With OCA

If this is the kind of career that interests you, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can gain the skills you need to get into the industry with affordable tourism education courses from OCA. Our modular online learning resources can give you the knowledge you need to get started on your own career in adventure tourism.

If you would like to know more about this or our entire range of online courses across a multitude of industries, visit us online at Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us about your specific training needs, call us today on 1300 611 404, and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through your options.

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