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Organic Farming

The popularity and preference for organic foods has exploded over the past few years. As such, organic farm production is more than a viable economic move - with benefits to the farm soil, to the environment and to the purchasers of the products. This Organic Farming Course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the issues and practices related to today's organic farming models.


The aims of this course are:

  • To select appropriate organic management systems for different organic farms
  • To explain the role of living organisms and decomposing organic matter in creating and maintaining an appropriate soil condition for successful organic farming
  • To contrive and apply appropriate weed management practices for an organic farm
  • To select and apply appropriate pest and disease management practices for both animal and plant production on an organic farm
  • To be able to design an appropriate system for organic production of cattle, sheep and pigs
  • To design an appropriate system for organic production of poultry and other animals
  • To design an appropriate system for organic pasture management
  • To explain the broad-acre organic production of a grain or legume crop


Career Prospects


  • Convert your existing farm to a more sustainable, economically and environmentally friendly organic model
  • Improve your career prospects in the agriculture industry as a farmer, farm worker, consultant, teacher or working in a farm supply or service business


Course Delivery

This course is delivered 100% online. Upon enrolment students are issued with a login and password, providing access to OCA's e-learning centre. For a full demo of the OCA student experience from enrolment to graduation Click Here.


Recognition and Accreditation

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an OCA Certificate of Achievement in Organic Farming. There are no pre-requisites to this course.


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Course duration

Course duration?

Nominal hours: 100
Access period: 6 months

When does this course start?

When does this course start?

Any time. Flexible online delivery.

Centrelink approved?

Centrelink approved?


Workplace requirements?

Workplace requirements?

Not required

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There are 10 units of study in this course.


$50 deposit
$50/Week for 14 Weeks
Total Cost: $750

Total Cost: $599

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Terry Hart


This was a great, and invaluable learning experience for me. There is a complexity behind managing the challenge of sustainability with new forms emerging every day. This course has really prepared me and provided me with a great capacity to better manage my property.

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$50 deposit
$50/Week for 14 Weeks
Total Cost: $750

Total Cost: $599

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Organic Farming
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