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This course is designed to give you a solid understanding of Inventor 2013 features and capabilities from the basics through to advanced components.


Course Aims

This course has been carefully structured not only to give you the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful Inventor user, but also to prepare you for the Autodesk Certification exams. You will be provided with a thorough understanding of the principal 3D design, validation, and documentation processes necessary for developing products using Autodesk Inventor.


After completion, you will understand:

  • Inventor interface
  • Creating 2D sketches
  • Constraining and dimensioning sketches
  • Generating 3D parts from sketches
  • Part modeling, adding, and editing 3D features
  • Work Features
  • Model geometry and model display manipulation
  • Resolving feature failures

Career Prospects

  • Automotive Technician
  • Part Modellers
  • Assembly Modellers
  • Mechanical Engineers/Mechanical Technicians
Architectural draftperson
building designer

animation visual


Automotive TechniciansPart Modellers

Course Delivery

This course is delivered 100% online. Upon enrolment students are issued with a login and password, providing access to the e-learning centre.


This course is designed to use multiple learning styles including audio, video, interactivity, and quizzes to test your knowledge.


Recognition & Accreditation

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an Official ATC (Authorised Training Centre) certificate. There are no pre-requisites to this course. You'll perform faster, smarter, and better with Autodesk® software products when you turn to the Autodesk® Authorised Training Center (ATC®) network. Many organisations provide training on Autodesk software, but only the educational institutions and private training providers recognised as ATC sites have met Autodesk's rigorous standards of excellence.

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Units of Study

There are 15 units of study.
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1: Connecting to Inventor's Interface

  • Exploring Inventor's graphical user interface
  • Setting application options
  • Using visualisation tools
  • Working with project files


2: Creating 2D Drawings from 3D Data

  • Drawing views of a part
  • Editing views
  • Adding detail to drawing views
  • Dimensioning


3: Learning the Essentials of Part Modeling

  • Defining a parametric sketch
  • Creating 3D geometry: The parametric solid model


4: Putting Things in Place with Assemblies

  • Creating an assembly, understanding grounded components
  • Applying assembly constraints
  • Working with the content center, bolted connection generator, the assemble tool


5: Customizing Styles and Templates

  • Working with styles
  • Defining a new material, defining a title block
  • Saving a new template, creating a quick-start template


6: Creating Advanced Drawings and Detailing

  • Creating advanced drawing views
  • Using advanced drawing annotation tools


7: Advanced Part Modeling Features

  • Projecting sketches and lofting
  • Building a hole pattern
  • Exploring advanced efficiency features


8: Advanced Assembly and Engineering Tools

  • Controlling the assembly environment
  • Using design accelerators
  • Working with additional assembly tools


9: Creating Plastic Parts

  • Developing the plastic shapes
  • Creating and working with assemblies and their parts


10: Working with Sheet Metal Parts

  • Defining sheet metal material styles, building sheet metal components
  • Preparing the part for manufacture, documenting sheet metal parts


11: Building with the Frame Generator

  • Creating metal frames
  • Editing metal frames


12: The Weldment Environment

  • Converting an assembly, calculating a fillet weld, preparing to apply weld features
  • Applying weld features
  • Adding machined features to the weldment, documenting welds and weldments


13: Creating Images and Animation from Your Design Data

  • Developing an exploded view
  • Creating renderings and animations, building options to refine scenes
  • Making a movie of the assembly


14: Working with Non-Inventor Data

  • Exploring the data formats for Inventor Import and Export, working with AutoCAD data
  • Exchanging 3D data
  • Creating content for building information modeling (BIM)


15: Automating the Design Process and Table-Driven Design

  • Building a table-driven product
  • Expanding the control options
Lecture 1: Connecting to Inventor's Interface
Lecture 2: Creating 2D Drawings from 3D Data
Lecture 3: Learning the Essentials of Part Modeling
Lecture 4: Putting Things in Place with Assemblies
Lecture 5: Customizing Styles and Templates
Lecture 6: Creating Advanced Drawings and
Lecture 7: Advanced Part Modeling Features
Lecture 8: Advanced Assembly and Engineering
Lecture 9: Creating Plastic Parts
Lecture 10: Working with Sheet Metal Parts
Lecture 11: Building with the Frame Generator
Lecture 12: The Weldment Environment
Lecture 13: Creating Images and Animation from
Your Design Data
Lecture 14: Working with Non-Inventor Data
Lecture 15: Automating the Design Process and
Table-Driven Design


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How long will this course take to complete?

This short course should take approximately 40 hours. Maximum 12 months access to this online course.

Does this price include the software?

It is assumed that students have access to the 2012, 2013 or 2014 version of the software to complete the course.


If you don't have the software already, you could also make use of the free 30-day trial version of this software, also available from the Autodesk website.

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Total Cost: $695

Derek K
Sunshine Coast, QLD
"I'm looking into starting a 3D printing business and this was a great place to get the inside knowledge I needed. Great package, online delivery is a very modern move."
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Total Cost: $695

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